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Adelina Rise
If you want to hold a dignified event, if you want to hear world hits, Russian songs, jazz ballads and blues, and modern original songs performed professionally, Adelina Rise is a great choice! Adelina Rise presents several ready-made programs, accompanied by high-level musical compositions. Adelina Rise performs songs in Russian, English, Itali... read more..

Sergey Ryzhanov & Oksana Stepanova
An exclusive author's repertoire. It is possible to select specific songs by the customer. Songs: patriotic, about Baikal, about Siberia, romances, philosophy, lyrics. Styles are different, from rock to romance! read more..

Белый мишка поздравление
Белый мишка поздравление Mы oт вcей души предлагаем вам в качеcтвe пoдapка для сaмых любимых- даpить ЭМOЦИИ! Отличнейшая идея для любых поздравлений на самое любое мероприятие вашим родственникам, вашим коллегам , вашим друзьям, вашим соседям , подарить самые настоящие, самые яркие, самые искренние , самые чистые ЭМОЦИИ : -День рождение -Корпора... read more..

Singer and showman Anatoly Schastyev
Anatoly Schastyev is a charismatic performer with enormous energy and an incredible sense of humor, dancer and performer on bongs infecting positive all around, party cover band "Cappuccino" and the Creator of a unique Show Doubles Stars of Russian and Foreign Artists "The One for All" (see the catalog). This artist does not belong to any particula... read more..

Harp. Harpist Olga Logacheva.
Harp. Harpist for an event: wedding, field registration, Banquet, anniversary, corporate party, exhibition, presentation, New year and any other! Only live performance! Harp solos and ensembles with harp. A diverse program from the Baroque to the modern. The program is performed at your choice on a large classical harp, on an Irish (Celtic) harp or... read more..

Cover group "Luxury Band"
Luxury band — is a cover group a level premium! We can play everything! Our advantages: Man’s and female vocal Stylish appearance Boundless repertoire on 7 languages 100% live sound Existence of the equipment Punctuality and responsibility Clearing settlement The cover Luxury band group — is top collective for a holiday, the wedding, ne... read more..

Бразильское шоу Brazil Carnival Latino Show
Бразильское шоу с настоящими бразильскими темнокожими танцорами! Бразильский карнавал! Шоу балет read more..

Fire and light show Pulsar
ПульсарШоу это группа профессиональных фаерщиков, хореографов, а так же молодых и талантливых артистов под руководством Виктории Михеевой, стоявшей у истоков фаер шоу в России, ещё в далёком 2000 году. За долгое время работы в разных коллективах Москвы, был пройден огромный путь к собственному шоу. В 2011 году при поддержке соратников была органи... read more..

Moscow folk ensemble "Lubo-Milo"
A folk group "Lubo-Milo" ("A Pleasure and Delight") was established in 2014 under the aegis of the Department of Culture, Moscow City Government, the Russian Federation. All members of the group are professional musicians. The group has won numerous Russian and international awards.Lubo-Milo has performed in Russia and abroad, toured in Italy, Indi... read more..

Original genre artist/Travesty artist
Greetings, dear friends! My name is Denis, I am a travesty artist or an artist of the original genre. I have been working in this genre for over 3 years now. During this time, I managed to work on many holidays, various parties, not only in Moscow, but also in the regions. I will be glad to speak at your holiday! My stage image of Diana de Poiti... read more..

Sergey Golub, illusionist and magician
♠ CIS champion in magic tricks, first place in the nomination "Stage Magic", Nominee for the "Most Original Number" Award ♣ Author and host of the TV show “Minute of Magic”, participant of the popular TV shows: “Surprise Me”, “Everything but the usual” on TV3, winner of the TV show “Night” on Moscow24, creator of the project “SERYYGOLUB” ♥ Honora... read more..

кавер-группа WESST
кавер-группа WESST будет украшением Вашего мероприятия. Мы играем для вас только самое лучшее! Зажигательные выступления, драйв и мобильность, качественный живой звук, бархатный голос вокалистов и виртуозные композиции в исполнении профессиональных музыкантов кавер-группы WESST не оставят равнодушным даже самого претенциозного слушателя. read more..

Kirill Popov - Illusionist | Magician
A program to surprise any number of guests: from 1 to 1,000 viewers, with more than 10 explosive tricks. From micromagic and interactive to stage manipulations, which have been shown at live performances more than 1,000 times and have been tested for years since 2011! Which you can choose for any of your events. Each trick will involve and surpr... read more..

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Ведущий Владимир Строжук
Владимир Строжук - телеведущий НТВ и резидент клуба "Лучшие ведущие Москвы". С любовью подходит к каждому мероприятию, и будьте уверены, с ним праздник будет идеальным! Владимир Строжук признанный профессионал и больше 10 лет проводит мероприятия разного уровня и любой сложности. Более 400 успешных мероприятий. Телеведущий на НТВ... read more..

Dmitriy Yakovlev
Dmitry Yakovlev is a Russian singer, author of works: "Music of the stars", "Gentle friend", "When the night falls on the city", "I'm sick of you", "Let's think about us", "Fragments of Stars". Dmitry has a beautiful timbre of voice, a sense of style, artistry and incredible energy, which he shares with the audience at concerts. Dmitry Yakovl... read more..

The Moscow cover band "One Life" is a unique group including professional musicians: guitarist, drummer, keyboard player, bass player, female and male vocals! The soloist of the group Ruslan Kvak is a graduate of the Moscow State Institute of Culture in the class of pop-jazz singing (Master), a participant in the television project X-factor! The gr... read more..

ВИА "Друзья"
Музыканты на свадьбу, корпоратив, юбилей, выпускной, праздник, новогоднюю вечеринку, банкет любого масштаба. Большой опыт работы в клубах, на свадьбах, корпоративах. Разумные цены, огромный репертуар хитов: более 100 песен, 6+ часов чистого звучания! Специально для Вашего праздника разучим любимую Вами песню. Есть звуковая аппаратура, светодиодные... read more..

Руслан Квак
✔ Professional musician, singer, pianist. Graduate of the Moscow State Institute of Culture in special. (pop-jazz singing). The winner of numerous national and international music competitions, a diploma from the People's Artist of the USSR - Eugene Doga, a participant in the television project "X-Factor", "Well, all together!" I play in different... read more..

Cover trio KRISTALL
THE CRYSTAL COVER BAND is an explosive cover band with a powerful stage performance, constant communication with the audience and cool interactivity. Without complicated riders and at a reasonable cost. The only cover band in the country that shot their promo videos on the streets of New York and Chicago, in Los Angeles and in the Nevada desert... read more..

Luxury Cover Band
6 professional musicians including 1 female and 2 male vocals ! International team: Consisting of European and Afro-American musicians and singers that know how to make everyone enjoy the experience. We select the most suitable rental sound system, lighting and animation for specific acoustic conditions of the event area. We also... read more..

Faberge cover group
Organization of any celebration - wedding, corporate party or anniversary - requires a huge amount of effort. I would like to be sure that your efforts will not go unnoticed, and all guests will remember this holiday for a long time. The cover band for the Faberge Band holiday is 100% success among the guests. Energy, drive and excellent music from... read more..

Группа Пилотаж – кавер бэнд из Петербурга. Один из немногих состоящий из коренных ленинградцев. Разница в том, что в музыке и имидже группы нет лакейской податливости, свойственной остальным кавер группам, когда клиентам разрешается выхватывать у артиста микрофон, останавливать песню на середине и заказывать песню, выкрикивая её название из зала.... read more..

Близкие люди | JAZZ RETRO BAND
Коллектив, исполняющий стилистическое многообразие (jazz, pop, funk, rock-n-roll, disco) стильно, весело и со вкусом! Нас отличает особая подача, чуткий выбор материала, профессионализм как на камерных площадках, где зрителей видно на расстоянии вытянутой руки, так и на больших площадках города, где мы готовы быть центром программы! 🔥 🔷 Если... read more..

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