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Entertainers catalog - Light show

Fire and light show Pulsar
ПульсарШоу это группа профессиональных фаерщиков, хореографов, а так же молодых и талантливых артистов под руководством Виктории Михеевой, стоявшей у истоков фаер шоу в России, ещё в далёком 2000 году. За долгое время работы в разных коллективах Москвы, был пройден огромный путь к собственному шоу. В 2011 году при поддержке соратников была органи... read more..

СОТРУДНИЧЕСТВО % АГЕНТСТВАМ И МЕНЕДЖЕРАМ СВЕТОВОЕ ЛАЗЕРНОЕ ШОУ НА ПРАЗДНИК МОСКВА: 1.ANUBIS SHOW LIGHT SHOW PREMIUM Светодиодное крутое лазерное шоу. Спец эффектное шоу, смотрится как Голливудское кино Ростовой диодный костюм, ростовое оружие Бога. Лазерное шоу. Сразу 2 вида шоу Анубис и LAZERMAN SHOW. Дорогой премиум ростовой костюм и спец... read more..

Belly dance
Want to bring a twist to your holiday?  I will help you and the guests of your celebration to plunge into the atmosphere of the mysterious East    My program includes: - Princess Jasmine show (dance with Aladdin's lamp and LED vails) - LED show (LED wings) - dance with saber, - with a shawl - with vales - with a cane - interactive with vi... read more..

Chameleon show group
We are the Chameleon show group! — a team of young and enthusiastic! For more than 8 years, we have been helping to surprise! Like a chameleon, we change images and characters from holiday to holiday, implementing your most daring ideas… If you are an organizer, coordinator or host — we will become a comprehensive contractor for your show program,... read more..

Light Show "ArtShow"
💥 Lights show "ART SHOW" is the light, dance, circus tricks, acrobatics and theatrical art quintessence. 🔷 Our team consists of professional circus artists, gymnasts, dancers, acrobats and actors 🔶 Thanks to the latest inventions in props and costumes, our guests have an opportunity to see various light special effects, graphic illusions and abst... read more..

Fire & Led Show FIX
The most successful project in Soch in the field of fire and ligh show. We have been on the market for more than 7 years and during this time we have earned the trust of many large companies from all over Russia, the Administration of Sochi and private individuals who have become regular customers. We present performance: ♥ Fire show ♥ Ligh... read more..

Lets Go! Show
LET'S GO Show - Заряжены на полную и заряжаем вас! Сочетаем в своих номерах световое, лазерное шоу, качественную хореографию и акробатику. Шоу, которое вы запомните, увидев однажды. А вы точно это сделаете, если, как и мы, любите красоту, экспрессию и стиль. Каждый наш номер, как дорогой парфюм, резкий, шокирующий рецепторы, но оставляющий долго... read more..

DJ SuperStar - диджей, MC, шоумен с 2001 года! Жгу танцполы!
DJ SuperStar (Антон Киба) - без преувеличения, один из лучших российских диджеев - постоянно выступает для аудиторий от 10 до 1000 гостей на лучших площадках Москвы: YotaSpace (ГлавClub, Б1 Maximum), Ray Just Arena (бывш. Arena Moscow), Кремлевский Манеж, Крокус Сити, Известия Холл, Империал Холл, Radisson, Марриотт, Риц, Хилтон, Intercontinental,... read more..

Laser violinist is the world's most laser electric violinist!
Despite the emergence of numerous clone fiddlers on planet Earth, Aleks Weksler remains the most laser-like violinist and instrumentalist in the world! In the last 10 years it still holds the record for the number of laser beams and lights emitted by a single musician per unit of time! At the same time, almost all of the laser-light props, inclu... read more..

Сhameleon Show Group
We are the Chameleon show group! — a team of young and enthusiastic! For more than 8 years, we have been helping to surprise! Like a chameleon, we change images and characters from holiday to holiday, implementing your most daring ideas… If you are an organizer, coordinator or host — we will become a comprehensive contractor for your show program,... read more..

Laser Show KMV
You can color your event in an unusual way with the bright beams of a laser show. Such a surprise can surprise even the most sophisticated guests. Each laser show is unique and tailor-made for you and your event. The laser show is a three-dimensional animation, literally hovering in the air. You will take your guests into a fairy tale, with the... read more..

Light pixel show "Chilly Show"
Light pixel show. Author's sparkling costumes and dynamically changing concept of the show will not leave you indifferent! We work with a large number of lighting equipment in one show. Also we make a small photo shoot, a light-pixel disco with guests after the performance, as well as two cold fountains as a Gift! Lighting equipment can be programm... read more..

Show Light Up! Light dance show is a creative team of dancers for whom dance is life! Our show is designed to make the holiday memorable! We perform at festivals of different scales, from 20 guests to more than one thousand participants! At events such as: -city day -wedding -corporate party -outlet -anniversary -festival -TV show - activ... read more..

Световое танцевально-вокальное шоу "QUINTESSENCE" - шоу №1 в России по количеству и качеству светодиодных хореографических постановок. Мы -  эпатажное светодиодное танцевальное шоу, не имеющее аналогов в Москве, России и мире. Мы выделяем себя среди многих других эффектными, красочными, фееричными номерами и костюмами, завораживающими взгляд уникал... read more..

Chameleon Show Group
Light show "Chameleon" is a show of a new generation using digital costumes and props with programmable animation! Dancing freaks, or a separate performance with a ready-made script and special spectacular props! read more..

10 14 81 -10%
Show-project Fenrir
Show project "FENRIR" is a talented artists and bright show programs from A to Z for a wedding (and not only) in Novokuznetsk and the Kemerovo region. Thanks to our technical base and creative approach to our favorite business, we create for your holidays incredible beauty and spectacular shows and excellent mood! Why us? - We are a team of... read more..

VertiGO Show - Dance |Illuminated Show
VertiGO Show - We will give you beauty and grace - We will charm you with bright choreographic numbers - Let's sweeten all this with emotions and excitement All the girls of the show ballet have great dance experience and have been doing choreography since childhood. Show ballet VertiGO is .. - dance | light show rooms - birthdays | an... read more..

The brightest end to your holiday! Fire show Obertaeva - Fire and pyrotechnic shows from market leaders! Experience of more than 10 years, exclusive productions, first-class artists who know how to surprise and amaze with their tricks, a large selection of costumes and show programs, reasonable prices and profitable cooperation with agencies a... read more..

1 5 33 -10%
Fire | Light Show Lordoff
Fire Show Lordoff has already been performing on the stage of fire art for more than seven years. We've travelled all Nizhniy Novgorod Region over with our shows. We know how to make your celebration brighter and hotter! - our up-to-date price list - will help you choose and reserve a perferct show exactly for... read more..

Show Project "Lando's Band"
Fire and led show for every taste! Unforgettable show from Lando's Band make your holiday truly bright and give your guests a great mood! Actors of the fire and dance genre will open the doors to the secret world of the dizzying universe for You. read more..

Violin show in the field of air-Violin Project
Light and music show, "the Violin Project" An explosion of emotions and beauty! Air sphere, electronic violin, LED and fire effects, elements of dance movements New in the Event industry! Soloist Winner of international competitions, titled beauty " Miss Russian Krasa2018" Classics in modern processing, rock, pop, world hits. From the Big S... read more..

Chameleon Show Group
Шоу для события любого бюджета и размаха! Танцевальные, световые номера! Огненно-пиротехническое шоу оглушительной мощности! Мы не оставим скучать ни одного зрителя на Вашем празднике в течении всего вечера. Атмосферные персонажи в стиле вашего праздника, приветливые ходулисты! Если вы организатор, координатор или ведущий - для вас мы станем компле... read more..

Elf project
Before you, the Elven show, which has: CHARACTERS • SHOW PROGRAMS • INTERACTIVES • AR POSTCARDS read more..

Alex Greg - exclusive modern violinist
Hello! My name is Alexey Grigorev. I graduated from The N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint-Petesburg State Conservatory. I’m professional musician, violinist and I am the winner of the international competition «Viva Talent»! I played the violin solo on the big stages in cities such as Paris, Berlin, Saint - Petersburg, Bergen (Norway), Moscow and othe... read more..
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