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Kirill Popov - Illusionist | Magician
A program to surprise any number of guests: from 1 to 1,000 viewers, with more than 10 explosive tricks. From micromagic and interactive to stage manipulations, which have been shown at live performances more than 1,000 times and have been tested for years since 2011! Which you can choose for any of your events. Each trick will involve and surpr... read more..

Felix. A wizard, pretending to be a magician.
An illusionist-prestidigitator, specializing in interactivity and close contact with the viewer. 7 years in the profession. 6 foreign contracts. More than 3000 conducted show programs. Have international illusion store since 2014. Education - higher psychological. I will offer several formats for your event from the most magical of arts. I... read more..

7 6 -10%
Лео Меларг- Иллюзионист- Менталист, Гипнотизер
Принимаю заказы для выступления на вашем мероприятии с эксклюзивным и незабываемым шоу в вашей жизни. Волшебно, сверхъестественно и необъяснимо. Моя специализация это ментализм (как трюковой, так и не трюковой) и тесное взаимодействие с публикой, вашими гостями и непосредственно с виновниками мероприятия. Много юмора и только позитивное настроение. read more..

Magician katyamagic
KATYAMAGIC-a magician for children! A girl magician? Have you ever seen it with your own eyes? I work 4 years, the main direction-children's holidays. I present my performances in an interactive style, involving the audience in the magic that happens on stage. Everyone can feel like a participant in a magic show! My program is based on full-fl... read more..

1 3 16 -5%
Illusionist Anatoliy Koryakin (Tula oblast)
Emphasize the status of Your event with tricks bordering on a real miracle. Most likely you will soon have a wedding, anniversary or corporate event! And You want to entertain your guests with something perfect? Then read: 3. why is it profitable for you to invite Anatoly Koryakin? ►Modern tricks You are also tired of looking at all sorts... read more..

Иллюзионное шоу
Иллюзионная программа Святослава Щеглова - это феерическое костюмированное шоу. Вы станете свидетелем таинственных превращений, появлений и исчезновений, собственными глазами увидите номера из репертуара знаменитых мастеров иллюзии. Святослав Щеглов погрузит Вас в мир иллюзий и чудес, заставит поверить в невероятное! Ну а скептиков, если не удивит... read more..

Mentalist and Mind Reader Nikoloz Tsaava
Николоз Цаава – менталист, шоумен читающий мысли, спикер, эксперт в области внушения, гипноза, определения правды и лжи (профайлинг), языка телодвижений, развития интуиции. ✅ Николоз Цаава представитель Британского Общества Менталистов "PSYCRETS : British Society of Mystery Entertainers". ✅ Участник телешоу "Удиви меня" на ТВ-3 Шоу менталист... read more..

Actress, Magician, Illusionist - author's shows!
========== About me =========== Gil Maria is a certified actress and professional magician, participant of TV projects (Channel 1, Moskva24, TV3, Carousel), participant of international forums of illusionists. Experience in organizing events for more than 10 years. ======== Achievements ========= Event industry (illusion genre), acting profe... read more..

Фокусник в Туле - Александр Орлов
Иллюзионист Александр Орлов. Стильно, волшебно, незабываемо. Зрелищное шоу, после которого Ваши гости будут долго обсуждать увиденное со словами: “Как он это сделал!?” ★ Большой опыт работы на сцене — гарантия качественного шоу. ★ Интерактивное шоу с многообразием фокусов, в котором любой желающий может принять участие. ★ Индивидуальный подх... read more..

Magician // illusionist
Magician for a holiday // Magician Moscow Illusionist Jaroslav Shkuta is a certified specialist who has many diplomas and distinctions in the field of illusion art. For 6 years, the illusionist has been active on stage. Yaroslav is a multiple participant in television shows. Many large companies choose our show. The main feature is an individua... read more..

Illusion Show Johnny Daggz
Professional illusion show from the artists of the Russian State Circus "Krakatuk", "Sleeping Beauty", "Zaltania", "Aqua", the festival "Pirate Station"!!! Winners of the New Format talent Contest-2019! read more..

Sergey Golub, illusionist and magician
♠ CIS champion in magic tricks, first place in the nomination "Stage Magic", Nominee for the "Most Original Number" Award ♣ Author and host of the TV show “Minute of Magic”, participant of the popular TV shows: “Surprise Me”, “Everything but the usual” on TV3, winner of the TV show “Night” on Moscow24, creator of the project “SERYYGOLUB” ♥ Honora... read more..

Illusionist Roman Shurole
Winner of an award at a prestigious international competition of illusionists. Roman is one of the most sought after illusionists. Illusionist, recognized by the international communities FISM and UCM. Modern, intelligent, stylish illusionist. read more..

Dima Trickster. Magician with humor
Do you have a festive event and want everyone to remember it for a long time? Then you need it to be different from the rest! Something not standard is always remembered and this is exactly what you need a MODERN magician at your holiday! You can listen to songs and watch dances, as at 95% of events, on TV, but when the "magic" is happening right i... read more..

The Magician-Fraudster Eduard Gramm
Back in 2010, I watched the David Blaine show, which gave a giant kick to the study of magic! For the first 4-5 years, I was doing magic tricks for 9-12 hours a day, as you already understood, my success at the university was a C)) after that, I realized that the world of magic does not stop on maps and began to study all possible props. Now I am a... read more..

Quick change act
The performance is truly from the first seconds mesmerizing with its bright, uncommon entertainment and magic of any spectator from children to adults. 12 costumes change !!! Costumes transformation and jacket trick from the Honored Artist of Russia! read more..

Artist, illusionist Ivan Bannikov
Ivan Bannikov - magician, mentalist, artistYekaterinburg ° He performed in front of delegations from 6 countries at the same time (China, India, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan), prepared dozens of numbers for theatrical productions and concerts (has a specialized theater education), performed for the leadership of Yekat... read more..

Magician Victor Agababyan - illusionist
Illusionist Victor Aghababyan has in his arsenal a large stage program, as well as stage illusions, which allows him to work on holidays and events of any format, be it a wedding, birthday, corporate party, children's party or New Year's celebration. Victor has worked at many venues and events in the Krasnodar territory, Russia in general, as well... read more..

Иллюзионист Макс Коэн
Макс Коэн - профессиональный иллюзионист, работающий на сцене более семи лет. В его арсенале программы разной сложности и направленности. Основная идея - интерактив. Автор магического стендапа. Участник, победитель различных фестивалей. Гость телевизионных программ. Открытый и весёлый человек. Каждое его выступление - настоящее шоу с юмором и об... read more..

Nikita Marvel
▪️Bold. Bright. Stylish. ▪️Caution❗️ My shows are addictive ▪️Participant of the show "Everything except the usual" on TV3 read more..

Виктор ДэГео
Иллюзии Виктора ДэГео – это сны наяву, где смешались театр, хореография и невероятные иллюзионные спецэффекты! Самые невероятные появления и превращения, настоящая ловкость рук, трюки с участием гостей мероприятия – все это великолепие разворачивается на глазах у зрителей, когда на сцену выходит иллюзионист Виктор ДэГео! Он демонстрирует свои авто... read more..

Мистификатор - Николас Кин
Nicholas Kin is the most incredible man you’ve probably never heard of.  He can read your mind.  No really; he can read your mind.  He doesn’t use mind games or psychological tricks, well sometimes; there are no smoke and mirrors. Combining intuition and hypnosis he can simply read your mind.  His awe inspiring hypnotic and intuitive abilities have... read more..

Magician | Illusionist | Vladimir Fert
Профессиональный фокусник и мастер своего дела, с первых минут погружающий в атмосферу настоящего чуда! Самое время поверить в волшебство, ведь в руках фокусника даже обыкновенный предмет становится волшебным. Приятный образ, чистое исполнение трюков и немного юмора создадут исключительно положительные эмоции. Большой профессиональный опыт позв... read more..
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