Russian Army Choir

Russian Army Choir
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Markov Kirill Andreevich
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The Russian Army Choir is a vocal group from St. Petersburg, breaking all ideas about what a military ensemble should be.

It’s no secret that for decades, the majority of Russian citizens repertoire a song and dance ensemble of the Russian or red army has been associated with bravura and patriotic marches, sad melodies and folk songs. Of course, both classical and patriotism remained in the ensemble's repertoire, but this creative military choir performs world-famous hits, such as Skyfall, Get Lucky or The Show Must Go On, at a high professional level.

The price of success of the vocal group is determined by the ability of soloists to integrate into the existing environment, so that the songs performed by them are interesting not only for a narrow circle of connoisseurs, but also for all segments of the population. but all over the world.
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В репертуаре вокального коллектива "Хор Русской Армии" более 130 песен.

Репертуар тематически разделён на 6 блоков:
1. Патриотические песни
2. Русские народные песни
3. Песни военных лет
4. Песни о море
5. Песни советской эстрады
6. Современные российские и зарубежные хиты
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Хор Русской Армии на "Поле Чудес"

Эпичное выступление на капитал-шоу "Поле Чудес"


Знаменитая русская народная песня "Калинка"

Вальс из м/ф "Анастасия"

Музыкальный сюрприз на передаче "Давай Поженимся"
Хор Русской Армии - Sub Pielea Mea (Eroina)
From profile: Russian Army Choir, genre: поп
Хор Русской Армии - Пора-порадуемся
From profile: Russian Army Choir, genre: эстрада
Хор Русской Армии - Beggin'
From profile: Russian Army Choir, genre: поп
Хор Русской Армии - Проснись и пой
From profile: Russian Army Choir, genre: поп
Хор Русской Армии - Believer
From profile: Russian Army Choir, genre: поп
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