Cover group "Luxury Band"

Cover group "Luxury Band"
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Kaver gruppa Luxury Band
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Average budget: 140000
90 minutes 6 members on the stage
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Luxury band — is a cover group a level premium! We can play everything!
Our advantages:

Man’s and female vocal
Stylish appearance
Boundless repertoire on 7 languages
100% live sound
Existence of the equipment
Punctuality and responsibility
Clearing settlement
The cover Luxury band group — is top collective for a holiday, the wedding, new year. The mad power of group, artistry of performers and, certainly, stunning, stylish appearance of soloists — is the key to success of yours ивента. The combination of the bright and technical tenor (Alex) and expressive timbre with a wide range (Maria) in total with live music allows actors to diversify repertoire, and it is equally easy to execute the priest and fate, hits the 80th and super modern tracks, to sing in the Russian, English, French, Italian, Spanish languages. Smart soloists — it is our bargaining chip! Maria Akimova will sing for you – the media vocalist, professional model. You saw it more than once on the television screen, in advertizing on TV, glossy magazines. From this vocalist of top level, nowadays students of FRAMES of Gnesiny, all man’s half of public goes crazy. Elegant, and at times and impudent, dresses of our star, a bright scenic image and mad work with a hall will pleasantly surprise you. If you want that on your celebration there was a group with the charming soloist possessing a strong beautiful voice, to you here! Alex Ikona — is our icon of style! The glamourous singer with an unusual timbre of a voice and an extensive set of role in which he is ready to appear on your office party, a holiday or a wedding: from Frank Sinatra to Ivan Dorn. Individual approach — this our credo. Professional musicians of Luxury band don’t accept soundtracks, “backing tracks” therefore each performance Moscow the group cover at a wedding, a holiday, anniversary — is the sheer emotional and professional return for all hundred percent! In extensive repertoire the cover of group of Moscow is musical compositions on any, even the most exacting taste. Hits of domestic and foreign music in live execution of actors a group cover on a celebration in a case or birthday, a wedding or a corporate party will give to your holiday special chic! Extensive experience of work. Any actions from modest holidays to weddings on Rublyovka and thousand office parties steadily take place with delight and dances. To us trust! With us it is convenient because: Cover group Laksheri Bend — experts in the business, completely responsible for result of the work! We are ready to provide all necessary technical maintenance of performances — a sound and light — thereby having relieved our clients of additional cares. For the organizations we have full package of reporting documentation and possibility of the clearing settlement. Luxury band — the cover group, capable to satisfy to inquiries of the most exacting public! Luxury band cover group — effortlessly we create luxury!
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TOП Luxury Band

На сиреневой луне — Агутин
No roots — Alice Merton
Attention — Charlie Puth
Pergect Strangers — Jonas Blue
Sex Bomb — Tom Jones
Держи — Билан
Shape of you — Ed Sheeran
Cake by the ocean — Dnce
Let’s get loud — Jlo
Venus — Bananarama
Браво — Московский бит
Tina Turner — Simply the best
Тальков — Моя любовь
Little party — Fergie
Дорн — Ненавижу
Lemar — If there’s any justice
Crazy in love — Beyonce
Papaoutai — Stromae
Careless Whisper — Michael George
Sting — Fragile
Queen of the night — Houston
Монатик- Кружит
All the man that i need — Houston
Se una regola c’è — Nek
Мокрые кроссы — Тима Белорусских
I will always love you — Houston
Stumbl in — Cris Norman , Suzi Quatro
Летящей походкой — Антонов
Sweet dreams — Eurythmics
Кто тебе сказал — Маликов
Hands up — Dnce
Пресняков — Замок из дождя
I will survive — Gloria Gaynor
Modern Talking — Your my heart
Антонов — Мечта сбывается
Can’t stop the feeling — Timberlake
Lean on — Major lazer
Cambio dolor — Oreiro
Maria — Ricky Martin
Zdob si zdub — Видели ночь
Luis Fonsi — Despacito
Bailando — Iglesias
Cheap thrills — Sia
La tortura — Shakira
Shallow – Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
Let you love me – Rita Ora
Rather be — Clean Bandit
Туманы – Макс Барских
Get Lucky — Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams
Sugar — Maroon 5
Perfect duet — Beyonce Ed Sheeran
I feel it coming — The Weeknd
Босая — 2 Маши
Dont you worry bout a thing — Tori Kelly
All around the world — Lisa Stansfield
As — George Michael
Higher ground — Stevie Wonder
Бумбокс — Вахтерам
Драмы больше нет — Гагарина
Синяя птица — Ты мне не снишься
Kiss — Prince
Sing it back — Moloko
Пьяная любовь — Билан
One kiss — Dua Lipa
Jamiroquai — Little L
Загадай — Чумаков
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Technical Rider “Luxury Band” 2019

1) PA : Line Array system , depends on the sizes of the restaurant, but not less than 2 SUB (15’ or 18’) and 2 tops (12’ or 15’)
2) Digital mixing console : Yamaha CL5, CL3,QL3,QL5 (or we can bring our own console, if you don’t have)
3) 2 analog monitor consoles and 4 in – ear monitoring systems , like Senhizer G3.
4) Acoustic Drum set (BD 22’, TT 10’, TT 12’, FT 14/16’,14’ snare drum), cymbal stands(4 pieces), hi-hat stand, 2 snare drum stands, drum chair, symbals(ride,crash,hi-hat),carpet under the drum set.
5) Bass guitar Amplifier, like Ampeg SVT, MarkBass, Gallien Krueger(or others).
6) Keyboard stands: 1 piece for 2 keyboard (2 levels of high) and 1 piece for one keyboard instrument.
7) 2 radio microphones, like Shure Ulx beta 58
8) 4 microphone stands
9) Drum microphones: 1 for the bass drum(Shure Beta 91A), 1 for the snare drum (Sennheiser E 904) , and 3 OverHeads (Shure SM 81)
10) 9 Di-box with links (RADIAL/SIMPLE WAY/KLARK/BSS)
11) 2 Guitar stands
12) 32 XlR-XLR cabels
13) 10 Jack-jack cabels (3м)
14) 3 Jack-jack cabels (10м)
15) 220W cabels for the stage equipment(7 pieces)
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12.06.2020 00:25 Как сделать свадьбу мечты, которая станет одним из самых светлых воспоминаний в вашей жизни, знает кавер группа «Лакшери бэнд». Причем в этой теме муз...
21.05.2020 21:46 Еще не так давно выбор вариантов организации свадьбы был сравнительно небольшим – несколько стандартных сценариев, практически не подразумевающих отст...


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Кавер группа Москвы «Лакшери бэнд» – музыканты премиум класса, готовые исполнить запросы самой искушенной публики. Подтверждением тому стало приглашен...
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Одна из самых громких свадеб сезона 2019 прошла в Немчиновка Парк Отеле при участии Luxury Band
Luxury Band - Listen to the music
From profile: Cover group "Luxury Band", genre: поп
Luxury Band - Get into my groove
From profile: Cover group "Luxury Band", genre: поп
Семен Величко - солист Luxury Band - Fragile
From profile: Cover group "Luxury Band", genre: поп
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