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Kvak Ruslan Lavrentevich
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"Одна Жизнь"
Cost of services
Average budget: 90.000
Performance of 3 sets of 30 minutes: drummer, bass player, guitarist, keyboard player, male vocal, female vocal 85,000 rubles. In the New Year period and departure to another country, city - the cost of the speech may increase ..
* Photos, videos, audio recordings, personal information of the user are his intellectual property.


The Moscow cover band "One Life" is a unique group including professional musicians: guitarist, drummer, keyboard player, bass player, female and male vocals! The soloist of the group Ruslan Kvak is a graduate of the Moscow State Institute of Culture in the class of pop-jazz singing (Master), a participant in the television project X-factor! The group has extensive experience in performing ...

-Interactive with guests: (direct communication with the public)

-Dances: (soloists of the group Ruslan and Julia professionally engaged in ballroom, Latin American dances)

- Execution in 17 different languages: (Italian, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, Kazakh, Turkish, Uigur, English, Ukrainian, Iranian, and of course Russian)

-Performance in different genres: (Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B, incendiary Latina, Hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s, folk music, modern music, etc.)

-Live sound: (the group performs completely alive, without any music tracks)

-A completely different format of the event: (the musical team works at a variety of events, whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, corporate party, new year, graduation, party, etc.)
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Pharrell Williams – Happy (Em)
Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky
Jony – Комета
Баста - Сансара
Tom Jones - Sex Bomb (Fm#)
Chuck Berry - Johnny be Goode (A)
Bill Haley - Rock around the clock
The Baseballs — Umbrella
The Baseballs – I believe I can fly
Adam Lambert - Whataya want from me (Am)
BON JOVI - It's my life (Bm)
Michel Telo - Nosа
Carla's Dreams - Sub Pielea Mea
Modern Talking - No face, no name, no number
Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos
Enrique Iglesias - Hero
Enrique Iglesias - Bailando
Ritchie Valens - La Bamba
Luis Fonsi – Despasito (Am)
Браво – Вася
Браво –Оранжевый галстук
Браво – Лучший город земли (С)
Браво – Любите девушки
Браво - Я то, что надо
Браво - Московский бит
Кузьмин - Королева красоты
Земляне - Трава у дома
И.Дорн - Ненавижу
И.Дорн – Стыцамен
Madcon — Beggin
Тима Белорусских - Незабудка
Сдобшисдуб – Видели ночь (А)
Леприконсы - Хали-Гали
Машина времени - Мой друг играет блюз
Градусы - Голая
А-Студио – Джулия
Мурат Насыров – Я это ты
Кузьмин – Сказка в моей жизни
Голоса - Звонкий
Крид - Самая, Самая
Макс Корж - Мотылёк
Виктор Цой - Группа крови
Г.Лепс – Рюмка водка на столе (D)
Бумбокс - Вахтерам (Gm)
Кузьмин - Сказка в моей жизни
Eagles - Hotel California (Am)
R.Kelly - I believe I can fly (С)
Boyz 2 Men - End of the road (D)
Звери - Все, что тебя касается
Звери - Районы, кварталы
Валерий Меладзе – Текила любовь
Wham! – Last Christmas
Glee Cast – Jingle bell rock
Billy Mack – Christmas is all around
Валерий Золотухин – Разговор со счастьем
Ф.Киркоров - Цвет настроения синий
Билан - Держи
Queen - We Will rock you
Время и Стекло - Имя 505
Eruption - One way ticket
Shocking blue - Venus
Tina Turner - Simple the best
Блестящие - За 4 моря
LOBODA - Твои глаза
LOBODA – Суперзвезда
ABBA – Happy New Year
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You
Boney M – Sunny
Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Вера Брежнева - Любовь спасёт мир
Мираж - Музыка нас связала
Serebro - Мама Люба
The Pussycat Dolls - Sway
Serebro – Между нами любовь
МакSим - Знаешь Ли Ты
Ольга Зарубина - На теплоходе музыка играет
LOWA - Улыбайся
LOWA - Бьет бит
Shakira – Waka Waka
Shakira – Loca Loca
Чечерина – Ту-Лу-Ла
Ленинград – Экстаз
Ленинград – Лабутены
Маша и Медведи – Любочка
Мумий Тролль – Медведица
AC/DC - highway to hell (G)
Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing
Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
Агузарова – Ленинградский Рок-н-рол
Ёлка – Около тебя
Ёлка – На большом воздушном шаре
Земфира – Почему
Земфира – Ромашки
LOBODA – Суперзвезда
2Маши – Мама, я танцую (F#m)
2Маши – Босая
Zivert – Life
Zivert – Credo
Мот and Zivert - Паруса
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Technical rider of the One Life group
• A set of speakers from well-known companies: JBL, NEXO, EV, Dynacord, Martin Audio, etc. from 2 kW to 10 kW or more (satellites and subwoofer, power depending on the room).
• Digital mixing console from 16 channels, XLR / JACK (Gain / Compressor), at least 4 AUX.
• Monitoring: In-ear kit for 4-6 people (depending on the number of musicians)

• Drum set top series.
• Barrel size 20 or 22, volumes 10, 12, 16 inches.
• A set of racks: snare drum, hi-hat, one straight stand and two cranes, a chair with screw adjustment.
• A set of microphones for sounding drums.
• Snare drum.
• An iron kit consisting of a 13 or 14 inch hi-hat, a 16 or 17 inch Crash cymbal, an 18 inch Crash cymbal, and a 20 or 22 inch Ride cymbal. Iron should be the top of the series.
• Single pedal for the barrel of the top series.
All equipment must be in good condition.
A snare drum, iron, and barrel pedal are desirable, but not required. If these positions will be absent on the site, you must notify about this in advance.

• Stand for bass.
• Bass head Fender, Ampeg, Mesa / Boogie, Markbass, Warwick.
• Bass cabinet Fender, Ampeg, Mesa / Boogie, Markbass, Warwick (Power depends on the size of the room). If the room is large, the power of the cabinet is from 100 watts.
• 2x DI-box mono
• Serviceable stand (ideally 2X-shaped) for keyboards with a permissible load of 50 kg. For example, K&M, Hercules KS 400B, SoundKing DF047. 2 jack-jack cables.
• Combi Tube Fender, Orange or the like.
For example, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Fender Twin Reverb.
• Carrying with at least 2 220 V sockets for connecting guitar
• The guitar combo is mounted on a stable stand with a height of at least 1 meter.
The signal from the cabinet is recorded with a SHURE SM57 type microphone.
• Serviceable, reliable guitar stand.

• 3 radio microphones Shure Beta SM58 or Sennheiser E935 / E945 / E845.
• 3 microphone stands of the crane type.
• Music stand - 3 pcs.
• Be sure to complete the complete set of switching necessary for the specified equipment. At least 3 free network filters on stage.
Please take due care of all the conditions of our group. If you are unable to fulfill any item, then please contact us in advance.

Thank you for understanding. Your cover band "One Life"
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News and announcements

05.10.2019 20:13 ONE LIFE band loves performing at weddings, where the hearts of young people join ..
05.10.2019 20:10 Our group One Life performed at the festival, which took place in a gorgeous place - Senezh Lake, where the well-known jazz band of the country “Phono...
14.01.2019 11:59 Выступление группы ONE LIFE в ресторане Чайхана Инжир по адресу: ул. Каланчевская, д. 33


Type: свадьба
Кавер-группа ONE LIFE выступала на свадьбе!
Type: новый год
Кавер-группа ONE LIFE выступала на Новогоднем Корпоративе в самом историческом заведении Москвы - ЯРЪ
Type: новый год
Зажигательный концерт группы One Life в MILO Concert Hall...

TNT Music Party|Кавер Группа ONE LIFE

The One Life group, in the newly chosen traditions, performed at the TnT Music Party at the Balzi Rossi Restaurant! It was an unforgettable evening for both the party guests and the group.
Кавер-группа ONE LIFE - NOSA
From profile: ONE LIFE band, genre: танцевальная
Кавер-группа ONE LIFE - Despacito
From profile: ONE LIFE band, genre: танцевальная
Кавер-группа ONE LIFE - I feel Good
From profile: ONE LIFE band, genre: блюз
Кавер-группа ONE LIFE - ДЕРЖИ
From profile: ONE LIFE band, genre: поп
Кавер-группа One Life - Имя 505
From profile: ONE LIFE band, genre: поп
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