Sergey Golub, illusionist and magician

Sergey Golub, illusionist and magician
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Golub Sergey Aleksandrovich
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Average budget: 25,000
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♠ CIS champion in magic tricks, first place in the nomination "Stage Magic", Nominee for the "Most Original Number" Award
♣ Author and host of the TV show “Minute of Magic”, participant of the popular TV shows: “Surprise Me”, “Everything but the usual” on TV3, winner of the TV show “Night” on Moscow24, creator of the project “SERYYGOLUB”
♥ Honorary member of the most prestigious and modern International Association of Illusionists UCM

- Punctual
- Intelligent appearance
- High-quality humor, competent speech
- Guests will become participants in the performance
- Unique number, "Picture" became a real hit
- Comprehensive solutions for celebrations, as well as an individual approach to each client

The program includes only modern, beautiful, interesting and original tricks. I regularly participate in competitions and increase the level of illusion skill. I work with professional engineers, a theater director to design new tricks and tricks, so that the program becomes more dynamic, interesting and more fun. My show will be a wonderful decoration for your event!
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Stsenicheskoye shou
Detskoye shou
Avtorskiy eksklyuziv shou "Kartina"
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Stage show
Children show
Author's exclusive show "Picture"
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Dressing room
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