Violin show in the field of air-Violin Project

Violin show in the field of air-Violin Project
Rating: 99.9
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Netsvetaeva Katrin
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Light and music show, "the Violin Project"
An explosion of emotions and beauty!
Air sphere, electronic violin, LED and fire effects, elements of dance movements
New in the Event industry!
Soloist Winner of international competitions, titled beauty " Miss Russian Krasa2018"
Classics in modern processing, rock, pop, world hits.
From the Big Stage to private parties around the world
Cashless payment
to Agencies %
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рок,поп, классика в современной обработке
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17.06.2017 17:36 Скрипичное шоу Violin Project


Type: развлекательное мероприятие
Violin Project

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