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Show-project Fenrir

Show-project Fenrir
Rating: 91.6
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Kuznetsov Maksim Evgenevich
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Cost of services
Average budget: 8000
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Show project "FENRIR" is a talented artists and bright show programs from A to Z for a wedding (and not only) in Novokuznetsk and the Kemerovo region.

Thanks to our technical base and creative approach to our favorite business, we create for your holidays incredible beauty and spectacular shows and excellent mood!

Why us?
- We are a team of professionals in our field - pyrotechnics, artists, artists and choreographers, who know that the show program is one of the most significant parts of any celebration, therefore our shows are high-quality and vivid performances that leave unforgettable emotions in the memory of the audience for a long time!
- It's comfortable with us, because we work with you directly, without intermediaries.
- We have a wide range of services - you can order everything profitably in one place!
- We are trusted, and there are many reasons for this too!

Do you want your holiday to be held at the highest level, without unnecessary fuss, leaving the best memories?
We will be happy to help you with this!
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Artists at WELCOME, special effects for the first dance of the newlyweds, choreographic performances, light and mirror shows, paintings with light, fire show, burning hearts and inscriptions, pyrotechnic paths and figures - we have everything!

Our team is one of the best in Siberia. We have a vast experience of successfully performed performances at events of various formats, many awards and thousands of admired spectators!

How to surprise your guests?
- Artists at WELCOME - mimes, animators, mirror people, living statues, buffet ladies, or stilt walkers - your guests will be delighted!

How to decorate the first dance?
- Our heavy smoke will give you an unambiguous answer to this question, and the confetti cannon will add zest.

Show programs for the audience? And we have them!
- Wind show, pictures with light, giant soap bubbles show, light and mirror show - you are guaranteed a sea of ​​positive emotions!

An unforgettable end to the evening?
- Fire show, pyrotechnic paths and figures, fireworks, fiery hearts and burning inscriptions at your service!
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- Do you want to see a quality show at your holiday? Nice suits, not someone in jeans and a T-shirt at your wedding? The well-coordinated work of the artists on the set? Competent work without unnecessary fuss - the show is ready by the specified time, you are not bombarded with incomprehensible questions, tearing you away from the celebration?
Then come to us!

- Someone's prices are lower than ours?
Cheaper doesn't mean better! The cost of the show consists of many factors - the safety of the show, the appearance of the artists (costumes), the preparedness and ability of the artists to work in a team, the cost of consumables, the number and brightness of special effects in the show program, the ability to prepare everything without unnecessary fuss, without disturbing the heroes of the occasion - this is just the tip of a QUALITY SHOW!
With us you will receive beautiful performances, artists with a large technical base in high-quality costumes, and a lot of positive!

- The celebration should leave only positive emotions!
With us you will not worry about finding / paying for a taxi to the artists - we come to the site in our own car. There are no unnecessary surcharges and waste of nerves - we arrive in advance and bring with us all the equipment necessary for work. You do not need to rush around the site in solving issues - where to turn off the light / where the socket / how to protect the site / where to hold a fire show - we ourselves solve all these issues in advance, before your event, you only need one thing - to have a great time, not what without worrying about!

- Nice bonuses - we all love gifts!
We have a wide range of services, you can order everything you need in one place without overpaying for delivery several times! When ordering several services, you invariably receive a discount or a gift - your choice!

Best regards, Your Fenrir Show Project.
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News and announcements

25.10.2018 15:06 Невероятно нежная, но, в то же время, очень красочная программа.
25.10.2018 15:04 Невероятное, захватывающее дух представление укротителей огня, ни на секунду не отпустит внимание ни одного, даже самого искушенного зрителя, и надолг...
25.10.2018 15:01 Огненная надпись - прекрасное дополнение к празднику, которое привнесет в него волшебные нотки и несомненно оставит приятный след на вашем сердце. Воз...


Type: свадьба
Артисты на вэлком Спецэффекты для зала и первого танца Шоу-программы для зала Шоу огненные для завершения вечера Огненно-пиротехнические инсталляц...
Type: новый год
Успейте забронировать шоу-программу для самого яркого праздника года!
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