Light Show "ArtShow"

Light Show "ArtShow"
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💥 Lights show "ART SHOW" is the light, dance, circus tricks, acrobatics and theatrical art quintessence.
🔷 Our team consists of professional circus artists, gymnasts, dancers, acrobats and actors
🔶 Thanks to the latest inventions in props and costumes, our guests have an opportunity to see various light special effects, graphic illusions and abstractions in the air.
🔷Author's music preserves intrigue and tension, delicately and correctly places accents and conveys the emotional background of each show.
🔶 Our team has a lot of big and serious events in addition to corporate and family holidays, so the client doesn't need to worry about the punctuality, professionalism and responsibility of the creative staff, who always comes to location in advance.
🔷All our clients are satisfied with the performances and apply to us again.
🔶 No matter what place on Earth you are in - our company employees will select the best program option in accordance with your goals and objectives at any time convenient for you.
🔷The main task of the team is to create a show which will cause delight and a lot of emotions.
😍 ART SHOW consists of tricks, beauty, plastic, charisma and wild energetics. All things must pass, but only vivid memories are the wealth which remains with us and our loved ones for many years.

🌎 Work all over the world!
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"GOLD" SHOW - A universal theatricalized show which will be appropriate for each event. "Gold" show includes 5 light props changes, including the pixel/graphic one which allows to show photographs, inscriptions, logos, pictures (at the customer’s request it’s possible to download any of his images) in the air. There is a graphical program in the props by default. The whole show is permeated with dynamics, special effects, tricks, supports, gymnastic elements and is connected witdance.

"EVOLUTION" SHOW- Person’s strength, virtuosity and plasticity in combination with the wheel power, graphics and the latest technologies.
An acrobat performs complex tricks while being inside the wheel equal to human growth.

The current show will be the first in territory of the Russian Federation.
- pixel pgrammable suit
- author's rogrammable wheel
- pixel promusic

"GRAPHIC PEOPLE" SHOW- Acrobatic-dance interaction, high technology and graphics fusion with a human being. The story of the way the costume can convey our expression, feelings and emotions. Effects work in sync with the author’s music.

Show includes:
Pixel, programmable costumes
Dance decoration
Acrobatics and tricks
Author's music
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1. The stage area size (minimum one). The optimal sizes are specified depending on the show you choose.
- 2 artists 3 * 4 meters
- 3 artists 4 * 4 meters
- 4 artists 4 * 6 meters
Over 4 artists – the sixes are discussed individually (depending on the chosen program)
The working space (stage platform) should be clean, empty, smooth and free from light and musical equipment, any other equipment, wires, confetti, water, etc.

2. Ceiling height (minimum) is 3 meters. It is important to exclude the equipment presence, fixed on the ceilings, decorations, balloons, garlands, chandeliers, etc as much as possible.
3. The site darkling, i.e. either turning off all light equipment or the maximum darkening of all light sources (curtain windows in the daytime, etc.). Light shading area is discussed with the light director, depending on the show type.

4. The musical equipment presence with the ability to play from flash-USB media. The team should be warned at least one day before the performance, if this is impossible. Music can be sent in advance by mail at the customer’s request. Reproduction should be without the sound distortion (neither accelerating nor slowing down, third-party effects-free).

5. Artists' access to the site inspection no less than 1 hour prior to the performance, or a preliminary meeting on the stage is available (in order to realize the stage type and its size as well).
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