Show Project "Lando's Band"

Show Project "Lando's Band"
Rating: 107.5
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Average budget: 35.000
The cost of the average fullness of the show program.
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Fire and led show for every taste!
Unforgettable show from Lando's Band make your holiday truly bright and give your guests a great mood!
Actors of the fire and dance genre will open the doors to the secret world of the dizzying universe for You.
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Various show programs from solo performances to luxury level.
You can order from us:
- Fire-Show
- Led Show
- High-altitude salutes
- Pyrotechnic show
- Fire inscriptions
- Stilt walkers
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Depending on the show program, it is discussed individually.
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25.02.2019 11:46 Стимпанк Шоу на фирменном корпоративе около Lovely Loft в Москве. Ольга Гезгала сумела сделать потрясающее тематическое мероприятие, на котором мы с...

Economy Fire-Show at a wedding. Ignition of the heart

Fire-Show for 3 artists. Performing at a wedding. In the final, the newlyweds ignite the fiery heart.

Fire-Show with viewers

Performance at a corporate event with the Steampunk Fire-Show program

Steampunk Fire-Show by Lando’s Band (Promo)

Steampunk Fire-Show by Lando's Band (Promo) Director of Photography - Adrian Proleiko Artists - "Lando's Band" Music - Galaxy Dust Project Фаер-шоу в стиле Стимпанк на 5х артистов с огненными машинами, огнемётами, спаркл реквизитом, обилием пиротехники и другими спецэффектами никого не оставит равнодушным!
Oomph - Such mich find mich
From profile: Show Project "Lando's Band", genre: альтернатива
XX - Intro
From profile: Show Project "Lando's Band", genre: поп
Blur - Song 2
From profile: Show Project "Lando's Band", genre: поп
Nalepa - DMC
From profile: Show Project "Lando's Band", genre: электроника
Joe Ford - Frozen Sound
From profile: Show Project "Lando's Band", genre: электроника
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