Laser violinist is the world's most laser electric violinist!

Laser violinist is the world's most laser electric violinist!
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Average budget: 8000
Initial prices are given. The final cost is formed from many factors and is discussed over the phone. Prices are valid for Moscow and the Moscow region within 5 km from the MKAD. During holidays, December corporate parties and the New Year the cost increases by 50-70%.
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Despite the emergence of numerous clone fiddlers on planet Earth,
Aleks Weksler remains the most laser-like violinist and instrumentalist in the world!
In the last 10 years it still holds the record for the number of laser beams and lights emitted by a single musician per unit of time!
At the same time, almost all of the laser-light props, including the fountain fireworks, were created by the violinist himself!
A nice bonus is over 20 hours of well-known works, melodies and songs in arrangements for violin, from the era of Vivaldi and Bach to the latest novelties!
And to diversify the sound palette, the electric fiddler uses innovative sonic nano equipment (completely wireless).

By the way, despite the ruble's turbulence, the cost of performances remained at the level of 2013 prices.
How can this be, you may ask? Magic? - Just smart prioritization, and no magic! The magic is only in the violin show.
When inviting such an artist, you can forget about lighting devices - in case of power outage, the maestro will long light up everything around him!
And at New Year's Eve the violinist could easily compete with the Christmas tree!
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Possible variants of solo performances:

(a) 1 concert show - 3-7 songs ~ 10-20 minutes. Includes lasers and lighting effects and fireworks from the violin,
violin pirouettes and mini-interactive with the public.

(b) 2 concert show (3 songs each ~ 8-10 minutes) in 2 different suits.
In the first set - virtuoso performance and interactive with the audience (without light and lasers effects)
In the second set, a light show with lasers and firework (сardinal change of the image)

(c) Violinist plays on the «welcome» pop. unobtrusive music 30-60 min. (classical crossovers, jazz; or lounge, chill out - improvisation),
Then in the main program of the event - 1 concert show - 3-5 songs ~ 8-14 minutes Includes lasers and lighting effects and firework from the violin, violin pirouettes and interactive workshops with the public.

(d) Violinist performs background music for an hour or more (classical crossovers, jazz; or house, lounge, chill out - improvisation),
uses the wireless sound "Nano-equipment" of his own design for total control of everything that is happening, as well as for the use on electric violin different timbres, synthesized sounds and effects, select, switch and mix tracks (know-how innovation!)

(e) Show-improvisation on a laser electric violin with DJ in modern styles (house, trance, techno, R&B) 1-3 sets of 10 minutes each.
uses the wireless sound "Nano-equipment" of his own design for total control of everything that is happening, as well as for the use on violin different timbres, synthesized sounds and effects.
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Technical rider to connect laser electric violin.

1. Line In «1/4" TS» or « XLR» in the mixing console with the effects processing (hall, delay).

2. Provide fog or smoke generator machine (preferably both) - to visualize the light effects of laser violin.
The ability to dim lights in the hall and on the stage.
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