Circus show ost The Greatest Showman

Circus show ost The Greatest Showman
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The premiere of a new circus show! Hurry up to see the "Showman" program, based on the movie of the same name. Favorite music, spectacular performances, modern choreography, chic costumes!

The story comes to life ...
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30 minutes.
8 participants (4 acrobats air, land and 4 ballet dancers)
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New circus, acrobatic show program SHOWMEN

Circus show. Acrobatic show featuring the ballet show based on the movie "The Greatest Showman" We will bring to your holiday real circus artists (circus show): jugglers, acrobats, gymnasts, balancers. Choose one or more artists, or order a great show program! Our artists will show you a real circus show. Guests of the holiday - birthday, corporate party, wedding, New Year - will be delighted!...


Шоу "Showman" Премьера нового, циркового шоу! Спешите увидеть программу "Showman",- по мотивам одноименного фильма. Любимая музыка, зрелищные номера, современная хореография, шикарные костюмы! История оживает...
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