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DiaLin Show

DiaLin Show
Rating: 99
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Marshev Dmitriy Eduardovich
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Average budget: 6000
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We went through 3 circus acts: the acrobatic duo DiaLin, the Equilibrist (solo) and the aerial ring. We just started showing ourselves for 3 years. Kaliningrad, but we really want to show our skills for you.
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The number lasts 5 minutes.
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The ceilings are 4 meters for our performances.
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Equilibrist on canes

A small piece of my number on canes. With a smile and with a soul for you.

Acrobatic Duo “DiaLin”

Beautiful costumes, hairstyle, tricks, music, smile and we do it all. Acrobatic duet “DiaLin”
Без названия - не известно
From profile: DiaLin Show, genre: другое
Scorpions - Still loving you
From profile: DiaLin Show, genre: металл
Bon Jovi - Its my life
From profile: DiaLin Show, genre: поп
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