Шоу двойников Персона

Шоу двойников Персона
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Cost of services
Average budget: от 15000- 25000
the cost depends on the chosen artist of the task before the artist. dates of time and place. the exact cost can be found by contacting us by phone or write on the Whats App Program Options: -Show raffle (sing a couple of songs to congratulate and take pictures) - Show program up to 30-40 minutes. up to 6 songs in the program. - concert up to 60 minutes in the program up to 8-10 songs approximate cost in Moscow and the Moscow region: Monroe doubles from 15000 rub. Double Serdyuchki from 18000 rubles. Double of Alla Pugacheva from 18 000 rubles Kirkorov's double from 20,000 rubles. Dima Bilan's double from 18000 rub.
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Any festive events are usually celebrated in the company of artists! The show program is an integral part of any event. Someone comes off with gypsies, someone for oriental dancing, a magician or an illusionist gets a coin from behind his ear)))) but the best rest is, of course, in the company of pop stars! To save money, you can use the service of a double star, which will significantly reduce your expenses on the show, and the effect will be the same! surprise, delight and surprise of all guests! Only in a more homely and comfortable atmosphere! without pathos, but with chic! The best doubles of pop stars will give unforgettable emotions and delight to the public! they will surprise and delight guests with their appearance, congratulate and sing the best hits with the guests! A photo shoot with a celebrity will leave a vivid impression of the holiday and will lend heat and in social networks! for example, you can surprise those people who were not at the holiday! By inviting the twin of the star - you will not lose! we will surprise your guests for real!
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In the program of the double artist: Unexpected appearance of a star at the right time for you! output artist with a song.
- Greeting and congratulating guests with their events
-performance of new and best hits (of your choice from the list of artist). in the program from 3-6 compositions from the repertoire of the star.
- Live interactive communication with guests between songs. Congratulations and kind words in honor of the holiday.
- Photoshoot and selfie with pop stars after the performance.
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-Parking for cars
- Dressing room (good lighting, enough space for costumes, a hanger, a mirror. Comfortable temperature in the room)
- water, tea, coffee sandwiches (on request) cold snacks
- on stage: equipment DJ radio microphone
- payment for travel to other countries and cities, meeting at the airport or train station, hotel accommodation, meals, transfer around the city. return tickets. Departure in the suburbs - payment of a taxi.
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News and announcements

30.01.2017 05:12 супер цена на выступление двойника сердючки с 3-7 марта всего 15000 руб. (цена актуальна для ночных клубов и ресторанов в указанные даты после 23:00)
30.01.2017 05:06 Двойник Димы Билана -40 % стоимость выступления всего 15000 руб. успейте забронировать

Танцевально Пародийное шоу

Мастер перевоплощений! все звезды в одном Артисте !Экс солист театра Александра Пескова Подробно на сайте showpersona.ru
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From profile: Шоу двойников Персона, genre: поп
монро - с днем рождения
From profile: Шоу двойников Персона, genre: поп
Майкл Джексон - 1
From profile: Шоу двойников Персона, genre: поп
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