Dima Trickster. Magician with humor

Dima Trickster. Magician with humor
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Dima Trikster
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Average budget: 10000-15000
MICROMAGIC (30-60 min.) Tricks with small objects at arm's length for small companies. Ideal for meeting guests at the welcome area, coffee break, etc. Price: 30 minutes = RUB 3000, 60 minutes = RUB 5000 STAGE PERFORMANCE (20-30 min.) Larger illusions on an impromptu stage with the use of larger props, musical accompaniment and the involvement of an assistant (such a performance will be visible and audible to all guests, regardless of their number) Price: 10000₽ IMPORTANT!!! Any of the listed performance options is conducted INTERACTIVE (close interaction with your guests) and IN A HUMORICAL FORM (my task is not only to surprise, but also to cheer up). The cost of the performance MAY vary depending on the date and place of the performance (specify individually).
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Do you have a festive event and want everyone to remember it for a long time? Then you need it to be different from the rest! Something not standard is always remembered and this is exactly what you need a MODERN magician at your holiday! You can listen to songs and watch dances, as at 95% of events, on TV, but when the "magic" is happening right in front of you at arm's length - these are completely different sensations, your guests will remember this for a long time! We all want a MIRACLE, regardless of age !!! And when the magic is diluted with humor, this is generally the key to success at any holiday!
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