Show-ballet "DefiLe"

Show-ballet "DefiLe"
Rating: 77.5
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Sladkikh Anastasiya
Cost of services
Average budget: 21000
Москва, 3 артиста, 3 номера мастер-класс с гостями в подарок
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Show-ballet "DefiLe" - a professional dance and light show in Moscow!
Gorgeous girls in chic costumes will give you exclusive dance performances, a storm of emotions, delight and make your holiday unforgettable, leaving even the most sophisticated spectator indifferent! The visiting card of the DefiLe show-ballet is an interactive show with the participation of participants in various dance programs! The show employs only professional dancers of model appearance with extensive stage experience.
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The mysteries of the universe always excite the imagination. An unearthly show awaits you. An unforgettable journey through space, which will bring vivid emotions and fill with energy. Exclusive costumes, unique choreography and fantastic music. This makes the room unsurpassed and impressive. The futuristic team of the intergalactic ship DefiLe is rushing to you for a holiday!


Burlesque — combines elements of theatrical performance, erotic performance and dance... Crazy cocktail! Incredibly seductive dance attracts the eyes of men from the first minute. Wealth, beauty, extravagance and luxurious costumes, studded with many rhinestones. The more glitter, the more Burlesque, everything sparkle like champagne bubbles!


Эпатажность, отточенные движения, манерность и артистизм. Все это - VOGUE. Лучшее украшение для уникальных мероприятий. Такого Ваши гости еще не видели! Если Вы планируете удивлять с первых минут мероприятия - это то, что нужно!
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