Rating: 104.1
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Rudchenko Pavel Gennadevich
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Average budget: 30 000
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GLORY - romantic singer with stunning energy and bright appearance, performing in the genre of pop. Her songs are filled with, so close to all, the theme of love.

Music labels published 6 songs.
The song "Don't hurt me" was on the iTunes showcase "Hot hits", got into the rotation of several radio stations and, later, it was filmed clip.
The song "am I Yours", sounds not only on Russian radio stations, but also on Russian-language radio in new York.
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The GLORY repertoire has a unique authorial concert program.
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GLORY - Твои стрелы
From profile: GLORY, genre: поп
GLORY - Перемены
From profile: GLORY, genre: поп
GLORY - Не делай мне больно
From profile: GLORY, genre: поп
GLORY - Я сделаю все
From profile: GLORY, genre: поп
GLORY - Не зови меня
From profile: GLORY, genre: поп
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