Natalia Trufakina

Natalia Trufakina
Rating: 72.8
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Trufakina Natalya Alekseevna
Cost of services
Average budget: 10 000
Violin solo: 30 minutes of work from 8000. 1 hour of work from 13 000 String Quartets "Ladies and Gentlemens": 30 minutes of work - 25,000. 1 hour of work 45 000 Duet violin and piano: 1 hour of work from 20 000 Duet 2 violins Background format 1 hour 25,000 Show separate numbers 10 000 for 1 number Chamber Orchestra: price is negotiable!
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The best violin show electro project in Vladivostok at your holiday.
A bright image, costumes and a choice of a musical program just for your event.
When ordering Natalya for your holiday, you get high-quality bright numbers and the delight of guests!

I am also glad to present you a new art project "Muzart band", and string quartets "Ladies and Gentlemens"
from a duet to a mini orchestra. The number of people varies according to your wishes.
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Separate show numbers with a change of costumes for each number. As well as background music for meeting guests and exit marriage registrations, buffet tables, presentations and graduations.
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technical rider: speakers, mixing console with effects, 220v network, for connecting the artist's radio system.
household rider: within the city of Vladivostok - a dressing room with a mirror, chairs. Water with and without gas, tea, coffee. Waiting for more than 3 hours - snacks.
Household rider outside Vladivostok: payment of expenses is carried out by the customer. In case of a late performance, provision of a hotel room, breakfast.
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03.08.2015 15:22 в скором будущем выйдет первый видео клип артиста.

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