Show Hanabi (fire show, pixel show)

Show Hanabi (fire show, pixel show)
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Blokhina Kseniya Andreevna
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We have been on the scene for 11 years, so we know what the audience expects from us, and we give it our emotions and energy.
Looking at an open fire, each of us experiences fascination and awe.
FireShow "Hanabi" is a single extravaganza of dance of sparks and fire, glowing decorations and bright pyrotechnic accents to spectacular music.

Order the Hanabi Show and we will make your holiday bright and unforgettable!

We are located in the city of Kirov (Kirov region), but we will be happy to come to you anywhere in Russia!
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• Fire pyrotechnic show (fire show)
• Photosession wih fire and pyrotechnic
• Fireworks
• Pixel Show
• Light and neon show
• Stilts and jumper
• Huge sparklers and colored smoke
▪ Special projects, promotions and participation in competitions
▪ Fire and light show training
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Fireshow Hanabi

The extravaganza of dance of sparks and fire, flaming decorations and bright pyrotechnic accents to spectacular music.

Pixel Show Hanabi

These are super-bright costumes-screens that are completely lit and shimmering in sync with the music. A unique program with pictures and words both on suits and in the air! The latest technology, dance and music. And after the show, a photosession with inimitable cats)
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