Cover Band Cosmo

Cover Band Cosmo
Rating: 87.9
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Cost of services
Average budget: 100000
The cost of the performance depends on its duration, the time the musicians are on the site, the city in which the event takes place. We go to any city and any country. Additionally paid transportation costs (flight, train, transfer by car) Price from 100 Tr. for Moscow and MO (transport costs included) New year's eve dates from 120 Tr., (Moscow and MO) New year's eve-200 Tr. (Moscow and MO)
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Cover band "COSMO" is music of all times, hits, in different languages in modern arrangements. The high level of skill of the vocalist and musicians allows performing complex and interesting music... it's nice and interesting to listen to. The saxophone adds a "twist" to each composition.
Composition groups: Vocals, Saxophone, Piano, Bass-Guitar, Shock.

The repertoire includes modern, fresh the hits from the best radio stations and your favorite hits 80-90-00 years.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying live music....
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Contemporary popular music in Russian,
popular European music,
rock (70,80 years.),
rock and roll,
and more...
Full repertoire will be sent on request.
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Technical and consumer rider will be send on request.
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