TRIAL BROTHERS extreme show

TRIAL BROTHERS extreme show
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Sedinkin Vasiliy
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Cost of services
Average budget: 50000
The cost of the show varies from 30,000 to 150,000 rubles depending on the number of athletes, the fullness of the program and the wishes of the customer. Call us, we'll discuss everything!
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🔥Our show is an explosive mixture of the most complex tricks, bright special effects, style and humorous interaction with the public.
Thanks to this cocktail, we have been creating an exciting atmosphere of drive and adrenaline at ANY venue for 20 years! We interact with the viewer in such a way that even the most sophisticated and “impenetrable” guest takes out his phone and turns on the camera.

Our show easily adapts to small spaces such as restaurants and banquet halls. But my main passion is large-scale venues. The main stage of the 300th anniversary of ECB, DIVS, Greenwich, UMMC, RMK, Black Knives, ROSATOM, MEGAFON, CENTRAL BANK - just some of our coolest cases (watch the video)

We always come up with a program individually tailored to the customer’s request. We can conduct a stunt master class for guests, jumping using special equipment and using a FIRE jump rope. We will bring with us unique bicycle rides, and your holiday will be remembered for a long time!❤️✨

It’s better to see us once than to think seven times whether to invite us or not))
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✅numbers set to music from 5 minutes
✅long free program up to 60 minutes
✅flat tricks
✅stunts on special structures/cars/natural obstacles
✅interactive with the viewer (stunts through people, jumping rope, various contests)
✅master class on bike trials and extreme cycling
✅GIANT FIRE jump rope
✅BIKE FESTIVAL. We provide exclusive bicycles for riding (Artamonovsky, all-terrain vehicle, Harley, with reverse steering, pedicabs, etc.)
✅open training
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area from 10 sq.m., ceiling height of at least 2.5 m, audio equipment, preferably a presenter with a microphone
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Link to this page:

How Sima-Land employees jumped over our jump rope

New Year's corporate parties are always fun, excitement and memories for life!

New Year's show - PROMO

Santa Claus on a stunt bike... and his assistant Hare.. We will spread heat and laughter at any venue!!


Based on the sensational series, we have put together a new case for you, “The Boy Show.” Now our team includes professional acrobats, and the performance includes drama. Enjoy watching!
AC/DC - Jailbreak
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