Theater Studio Kids Time

Theater Studio Kids Time
Rating: 39
Телефон и email
Smelov Ivan Alekseevich
Cost of services
Average budget: 8000
Each price is negotiated individually. A large repertoire can be sent on request.
* Photos, videos, audio recordings, personal information of the user are his intellectual property.


We are the theater studio "Time for Children" engaged in conducting puppet shows from 2016.
Our productions are different in that children in an easy game form get useful information about
rules of the road, the choice of professions, animal life, and so on.
In our dramatic productions we use props that every child can touch.
As well as elements of tricks and show programs.
Currently, there are 4 theater artists in our company.
All actors with professional education and work experience of 3 years.

All actors have medical books, as well as certificates of good conduct.
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