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Milen (Vyacheslav Kozlov) is a musician, a composer, an arranger and a singer. He writes songs both for his own performance and for Russian stars like Yury Shatunov, Viktor Korolev etc. Charisma, charm, fascination, beauty, heartfulness and gaiety are the features of the singer. He perfectly wields his velvet voice when singing lyrical songs touchi... read more..

Поющий Ведущий
Поющий Ведущий, вокалист академический бас-баритон. Свадьбы, юбилеи, корпоративы, городские праздники read more..

Исполню для Вас песни из репертуара Муслима Магомаева, Дмитрия Хворостовского, итальянские и неополитанские песни и т. д. read more..

Anastasia Stone
Anastasia Stone and show ballet Number 1. Anastasia is the performer of the hit "a Glass of dry red". Winner of 8 Grand Prix of all-Russian and international competitions. Musical guest of many TV projects, including "Borodina vs Buzova". Author of more than 30 songs. The performance of Anastasia and show ballet is always a big colorful show with... read more..