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"Ilyazhara Bigone"
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Average budget: 140 000
Если сравнивать кавер группы с Автомобилями,то мы Mercedes Benz!) Лада,Nissan,Kia не смогут выглядеть солидно и могут подвести. На Ваше событие рекомендуем выбрать цена-качество!
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Do you want to make your holiday unforgettable?
Cover band BIG. ONE know how to do it!

Why do people choose us?
Experience of performing on stage for more than 10 years;
We work for quality;
We can perform anywhere in the world;
Individual approach to everyone;

BIG.ONE has worked with artists such as: Pavel Volya,
Anna Sedokova, Alexey Chumakov and many others.

Style, quality and charisma are what make us unforgettable!

It WON't stop us:
Small scene;
Time of day;

Our goal:
Perform with maximum impact;
Charge people with energy;
Give an unforgettable evening;
BIG. ONE guarantees that the received emotions will stay with you forever!
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03.05.2020 03:31 BIG/ONE/BAND ⭐️TEASER...⭐️

ОДНУ MAMA13 (cover) ЮЛЯ Леонтьева

Трек от Юли Леонтьевой в стиле соул, как всегда круто! Слушаем и кайфуем!😁


Будем делиться с вами отрывками с наших репетиций,еще один бомбический трек ,от группы RHCP - Can Stop. Принимаем заявки на Выпускные 2020,обговариваем детали,в режиме ожидания готовим сценарий,чтоб Ваш праздник,прошел Круто!

Promo 2020 Graduation BIGONE

BIG/ONE/BAND We will open the backstage, backstage rehearsals for the future Promo of the band Big One. Despite the situation with the pandemic,we believe that everything will end well!We accept applications for Graduation 2020, discuss the details, prepare a scenario in standby mode, so that Your holiday was perfect! Information by Phone / WhatsApp 89136675071 Ilya
BIG/ONE/BAND - Sweet Dreams + White Stripes BIG ONE MASHUP
From profile: BIG/ONE/BAND, genre: поп
BIG/ONE/BAND - BIG ONE MASHUP The Weeknd + Michael Jackson + Justin Timberlake
From profile: BIG/ONE/BAND, genre: поп
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