Dancing Painter Show

Dancing Painter Show
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Tantsuyushchiy Khudozhnik
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"Art is life"
Cost of services
Average budget: 45 000 - 95 000
Today we offer five options for shows and activities, different in visual range and expressive means: 1. Dancing Artist; 2. Speed ​​painting; 3. Gold powder; 4. SPLASH !!! 5. Picturesque interactive The fee fluctuates depending on the format, the technique of creating a picture, just work at speed or in synthesis with dance, solo or in pairs, etc. and the complexity of the picture.
* Photos, videos, audio recordings, personal information of the user are his intellectual property.


Very quickly, in real time, in front of the viewer's eyes, from a blank canvas, in a dance, we will create a complete picturesque image.
We were the first to start doing such art shows in Russia and Europe and now we are doing the most spectacular and interesting productions due to the full synthesis of live-art painting and choreography.
We offer 5 different options for shows and activities, including those involving guests.
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Link to this page: https://leadbook.ru/en/users/dancingpainter

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