High Eroticism & Cabaret Show

High Eroticism & Cabaret Show
Rating: 165
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Average budget: 20 000
Prices for Moscow, day/evening time: 15 000 R - 1 act from the "Elements" show 20 000 R - 1 act that was made created special for the event 60 000 R - the "Elements" show, whole programme
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High Eroticism Show is the atmosphere itself that brings you into the women's world of beauty. That's not just and ordinary erotic show, that's an art that was made special for audience with good taste. Every performance has a story, every costume is handmade and unique.

Alice toured all over the US and performed in Europe. In 2016 she took the title "Queen of burlesque" at the international festival "Miss Burlesque Moscow", and in 2015 she got "Most Innovative" title. Her team was the only one burlesque team in Moscow who did weekly shows in 2017.

Alice catches audience's attention like no one else - she is super professional at immersive elements.
Alice Shpiller is an exclusive artist in everything: looks, concept, costumes and preparations for every event.
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The "Elements" show
Acts that are made special for the event
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Link to this page: https://leadbook.ru/en/users/aliceshpiller


Type: развлекательное мероприятие
Классическое бурлеск-шоу в караоке-кинотеатре "Синематограф"
Type: развлекательное мероприятие
Изысканное классическое бурлеск-шоу под живую музыку
Type: развлекательное мероприятие
Еженедельные шоу в Punch&Judy pub - каждую субботу новое шоу.

the "Elements" show

5 different performances, 5 beautiful pictures of true femininity. It's not about the girl who is stripping because she couldn't find another job. It is about the woman, who wants to get naked. It is not about making jokes, it is not about men's pleasures. It is about the art. It is the living Botticelli's picture.
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