Strunnyy kvartet VALENSIYA

Strunnyy kvartet VALENSIYA
Rating: 97.9
Телефон и email
Ignatov Mikhail Sergeevich
Cost of services
Average budget: 20000
1 hour of play within the Moscow Ring Road
* Photos, videos, audio recordings, personal information of the user are his intellectual property.


Strunnyy kvartet VALENSIYA - eto professional'nyy strunnyy kollektiv v Moskve.
Nash strunnyy kvartet gorditsya svoim yarkim i raznostoronnim repertuarom, sozdannym mnogoletnim opytom.
Za vremya vsey nashey deyatel'nosti my uznali vse tonkosti i podvodnyye kamni nashey spetsializatsii i nauchilis' sozdavat' i podderzhivat' topluyu i neprinuzhdonnuyu atmosferu na vysshem urovne!
Strunnyy kvartet VALENSIYA - eto otlichnyy vybor!
String Quartet VALENCIA is a professional string group in Moscow.
Our string quartet is proud of its vibrant and versatile repertoire created by many years of experience.
During all our activities, we have learned all the subtleties and pitfalls of our specialization and have learned to create and maintain a warm and relaxed atmosphere at the highest level!
The VALENCIA String Quartet is a great choice!
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1. W.A. Mozart - Divertismento I. Allegro
2. Latin set. Beguine
3. A. Mare - Paris Gamen
4. Ernesto Lecuona - Rumba
5. W.A. Mozart - Quartet №3 in G-major. Presto
6. Fly me to the moon
7. P.I. Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers (Вальс цветов)
8. J. Garland - In the mood
9. Bluesette
10. W.A. Mozart - Divertismento III. Allegro
11. Carlos Gardel - Por una cabeza
12. Begin the Beguine
13. W.A. Mozart - Quartet № 4 in C-major
14. Harry Warren - Chattanooga choo-choo
15. Sebastian Iradier - Paloma
16. Leroy Anderson - Blue Tango
17. W.A. Mozart - Quartet №7 in E-flut-major
18. Peter Martin - Main Title
19. O sole mio
20. Peter Martin - Blues
21. Peter Martin - Boogie
22. Lauren Hill - Can't take my eyes off you
23. Jerry Herman - Hello, Dolly!
24. Astor Piazzolla - Libertango
25. Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
26. Louis Armstrong – Wonderful World
27. Luigi boccerini - Minuet and Trio
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To speak we need:

• Changing room
• 4 chairs without armrests
• If you need to sound a large room, you will need two microphones

Outdoor work:

Usually, on the days of our wedding musical accompaniment, the weather keeps perfect, but:

• If the wedding takes place on a hot sunny day, then we will need a canopy, as our instruments categorically refuse to play in direct sunlight for more than 15-20 minutes - they begin to get upset, not keep order, and there is nothing we can do about it.

• 15-20 minutes is enough to conduct on-site registration.

• If it rains, then we need shelter
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Струнный квартет ВАЛЕНСИЯ - Rumba
From profile: Strunnyy kvartet VALENSIYA, genre: классика
Струнный квартет ВАЛЕНСИЯ - Blusette
From profile: Strunnyy kvartet VALENSIYA, genre: классика
Струнный квартет ВАЛЕНСИЯ - Stranger in the night
From profile: Strunnyy kvartet VALENSIYA, genre: классика
Струнный квартет ВАЛЕНСИЯ - Por una Cabeza
From profile: Strunnyy kvartet VALENSIYA, genre: классика
Струнный квартет ВАЛЕНСИЯ - Boogie Woogie
From profile: Strunnyy kvartet VALENSIYA, genre: классика
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