Universal Music Band - progressive original music

Universal Music Band - progressive original music
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Universal Music Band is the original instrumental music of the New Age. The progressive sounding of UMB comes out of the fusion of EDM, trip-hop, reggaeton, funk, drum'n'bass, jazz, ethnic and of course classical music. Why "of course"? The answer is simple: the band consists of a classical string quartet, doublebass, drums and ethnic percussion.
All the members of the band (graduates of the most prestigious Russian music universities - Gnessin Russian Academy of Music and Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory) are sound professionals. Each of them can be proud of their personal achievements in the music industry and numerous collaborations within various Russian and international projects.
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The band performs original progressive music which may be appropriate at different events of any scale. The programme is quite diverse and includes along with original composition a few arrangements of balkan dance music and "Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi.
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