Magic tricks show is a completely new unique format of the show where bright tricks visual magic will blow up your event with good emotions!

Magic tricks show is a completely new unique format of the show where bright tricks visual magic will blow up your event with good emotions!
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Kotelnikov Ivan Vasilevich
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Cost of services
Average budget: 50000
Standard show program
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4 professional artists: 2 illusionists (members of the International Magicians Society (IMS). Participants of international competitions of illusionists. Members of the Russian Association of Illusionists (RAI)). And 2 assistant acrobats (masters of sports of international class, participants of international dance competitions)

Real magic and grace on Your holiday! The show is suitable for any event:

Corporate party
Secular party
Friendly companies
and children's holidays

Mageex illusion and acrobatic show is a unique magic show for your holiday!

♦ 10 years of experience, more than 1000 performances
♦ In the Arsenal of more than 1000 different tricks and illusions
Exclusive numbers, the best illusions and tricks, disappearing, moving and multiplying objects, mentalism, and hypnosis - all this you can see with your own eyes
* Twice as much magic!

Also a professional magician illusionist Mageex will prepare individual and exclusive shows programs and drawings for holidays and events:
- Illusionist or groom will reveal the bride from nowhere
- The head of the company will make an epic appearance on the stage and surprise his colleagues
- The wife can saw the husband and put it back together
- The child will be able to get a rabbit out of a hat, or Vice versa?
- Raffles for guests, friends, and more!
- Joy, emotions and delight-we guarantee!

You can order a magician in any region of Russia, we work all over the world. Check available dates by phone.
► We will help you make your event amazing and unforgettable! We will select the optimal show program for Your holiday and under Your budget.
► When ordering a magic show-30 minutes of performance as a gift!

Guarantee of surprise — or we will refund your money.

Prices for each format of the show will be discussed individually. Call and order the best illusion show for Your holiday!
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