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Dzherdzh Vlad
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Average budget: 100000
The cost may vary depending on the number of people, the remoteness of the site and the duration of the program!
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It brings together professionals from 8 to 20 people (acrobats, dancers, vocalists, actors of various genres, a participant in the show Lord of the dance (step), the project "Voice" and many others!
Whatever entertaining show program you choose - this is guaranteed to be a great highlight of your event and a great gift for guests! Indeed, in addition to the usual fun, your guests will be able to see unique show numbers performed by real professionals in their field
During the dance show of the program you will see more than 60 expensive and beautiful costumes, transformations, rooms with LEDs and much, much more!
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program from 25 minutes to 60 minutes
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высылается по запросу!
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