Vokal & dance show 5 MUSES

Vokal & dance show 5 MUSES
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Borovikov Yuriy
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Average budget: 65000
We work all over Russia, Europe, etc. -Can be ordered separately show ballet (without a singer) singer and two girls in ballet - separately singer
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5 MUSES vocal - dance group 5 Muses - Splendid thoughts and consciousness of the show,
in the best traditions of the French cabaret Lido and Moulin Rouge!
Fabulous costumes, lively vocals from irresistible prima, interesting plot of each of the perfomances, fiery dances from the best dancers of Moscow are waiting for you! Dance Show 5 Muses is the perfect combination of theater, musical and show ballet.
It is perfect for your wedding, corporate party or birthday!
Hear covers of famous songs.
5 Girls in the show. 30-40 min. Nonstop or individual blocks or individual performances
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non stop 30 minutes, blocks or single perfomans
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Technical rider:

Minimum Requirements:

- A stage equipped with a standard set of sound and lighting equipment.

- At the performance, the light is a stage fill.

- Ceiling height 5 m. (With the inclusion of air acrobats) 3 m (in case of performance without air acrobats)

-2 standard microphones,

-1 set of loops with a radio transmitter. (In the case of the participation of stepists)

-There should not be any foreign objects on the stage.

- The minimum size of the scene is 1.5 m2 per person. The aspect ratio of the scene is 1/2.

Additionally (if possible):

- 4 by 3 LED screen

-Additional lighting equipment (guns, color fill, strobe lights)

-Additional effects (2 candy cannons)

Dressing room:

- The dressing room should be no more than 5 meters from the stage, (in the case of a non-stop program).

- The minimum size of the dressing room is 2 m2 per person.

-In a separate make-up room - the presence of tables with mirrors and powerful light,

-2 chairs for 1 artist with backs,

-1 pack of dry wipes for 1 artist,

-2 bottles of mineral water per artist

-Tea coffee


Add. employees:

- In the case of workability from the place of unloading to the place of performance, it is necessary to provide assistants (loaders).


At the time of the speech, preparation and 30 minutes after the end of the speech, entrance for outsiders,

(club guests, go-go, other artists) excluding organizers is not desirable.

During the performance, a guard should be near the stage.

Household rider:

-If the artist is invited for more than 2 hours - snacks.

-If the artist is invited for more than a day, three meals a day for the whole team.

-Lunch or dinner (on the menu) for each member of the team, if the artist is invited to another city for less than a day (including Moscow Region).


- Preferably Aeroflot, U-Tair.

- The time of departure and arrival is negotiated before buying tickets.

-Refundable tickets (refundable)

General provisions:

- The maximum time spent by artists on the site is 2 hours from the moment of the first release approved in the contract.

- The time of the sound check is approved during the coordination of the time of the performance.

- Paid round-trip fare

- Transfer with enough luggage space in the receiving city

(empty trunk and interior, if required - freight transportation, preponderance by air travel)

Accommodation (if required) + program cost.

- When ordering to other cities, the customer ensures the safety of artists throughout their stay and timely arrival at the site / airport.

- The cost of a show program with more or less numbers is negotiated individually!

- In the event that any of the rider points cannot be performed for some reason, this is discussed individually and adjustments are made.
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Link to this page: https://leadbook.ru/en/users/5MUZ

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09.12.2015 14:38 Скоро Новый Год и пора дарить подарки , лучшим подарком на мероприятие будет наше шоу - 5 МУЗ

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