sergey yurchenko artist-vokalist

sergey yurchenko artist-vokalist
Rating: 81
Телефон и email
Yurchenko Sergey Sergeevich
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Cost of services
Average budget: 20000
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Sergey Yurchenko - singer. Finalist of the television project "Voice of the Country" Ukraine team of Diana Arbenina. Superfinalist of the TV project "X-factor" Ukraine team of Sergey Sosedov. 20 years of creative activity, winner of International and All-Ukrainian festivals and competitions. Winner of the GRAND PRIX of the IX International Festival-Competition named after F.I. Chaliapin, winner of the GRAND PRIX of the XII International Festival of Arts "By the Black Sea"
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Russian and foreign hits
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Technical rider
Sergei Yurchenko
Please read this rider CAREFULLY.
If you have any questions, please contact the artist
1. Sound
For an auditorium up to 1000 seats:
- power portals - min 10 kW.
For auditorium up to 100 seats (restaurant, club)
- power portals - min 2 kW
For open areas:
- power portals - min 30 kW
2. F.O.H. (Mixer in the hall)
- digital console, Soundcraft Vi/Si series, Allen&Heath iLive, Yamaha M7/LS9/01V/02R
- analog console, then Mackie ONIX series, Soundcraft GB/MH series, Allen&Heath GL/ML series or MIDAS (the console must have a full parametric equalizer, class “A” mic preamp, compressor (DBX166/266 or similar) in the microphone channel insert and effects processor (Reverb\Delay) on send-return)
- 2 channels are reserved for the artist on the mixing console (1 microphone and 1 playback channel)
3. Playback
- laptop with sound card (TC Electronics, AVID, MOTU, RME)
4. Microphones:
- 1 radio microphone, Shure ULX/UHF-R series (beta58, beta87 head), or
Sennheiser 2000/3000 series (head MMK-865, MMK-965)
- 1 microphone stand
5. Vocal arrangements:
Reverb (T.C. Electronic M2000, Lexicon, etc.)
DELAY is mandatory with TAP-function (t.c.electronic or Lexicon).
Compressors Drawmer or DBX connected to the FOX insert of the vocal microphone line) - 1 pc.
6. Monitors:
- 2 independent monitor lines with 2 floor acoustic monitors (JBL VRX915, l'acoustics 115XT or similar)
If it is impossible to fulfill any conditions of the technical rider, the organizer should definitely discuss the changes in the technical rider with the artist.

Thank you for meeting all of the above requirements!
Sincerely, Sergey Yurchenko
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Сергей Юрченко - Нино
From profile: sergey yurchenko artist-vokalist, genre: поп
Сергей Юрченко - Unchained Melody
From profile: sergey yurchenko artist-vokalist, genre: эстрада
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