Saxophonist for your event

Saxophonist for your event
Rating: 51
Телефон и email
Kagramanyan Nikita Karenovich
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Cost of services
Average budget: 2500
In the column fee, you can see 2500 rubles. This is the cost of an hour of work if I come up with my own ready-made program. If there is a desire to add some of your own songs, or change the list altogether, the price will change depending on the number of songs that will have to be additionally arranged and learned. Plus, from two hours every half hour will cost 500 rubles. (That is, for example, 2.5 hours = 5500 rubles.)
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My name is Nikita and I can become your personal saxophonist for the evening, day, morning, night, whenever you want. I play music of all genres.
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В.Мясоедов - Архаик Блюз; Baklan - Liar; Baklan - МОСТИ; Валерий Меладзе - СЭРА; George Michael - Careless Whisper; Gerald Marks - All of me; The Weekend - Losers; Gruppa Skryptonite - Podruga; МОНАТИК - Мокрая; Maneskin - Beggin'; Alexandra Stan - Mr.Saxobeat; Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar; Валерий Меладзе - САЛЮТ, Вера; Jennifer Lopez - Let's get loud.
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I work in Kaluga, but I can travel outside of it (which will cost a little more). There is an audio speaker for playing backing tracks. Payment for services is made after their provision.
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Type: свадьба
Играю на свадьбе в Калуге. Ресторан Best Western.
Никита Каграманян - Осень ушла
From profile: Saxophonist for your event, genre: блюз
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