Rating: 75
4 7 -10%
Телефон и email
Filimonov Sergey Vadimovich
To get a discount 10% say promo code
Cost of services
Average budget: от30000
Artists' fees are valiated depending on the terms of the services provided.
* Photos, videos, audio recordings, personal information of the user are his intellectual property.


Sergey Filimonov Production Center - producing, recording songs, shooting clips, promotion, assistance in the development of young, talented performers +7 (977) - 977 - 32- 25.
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Organization of concerts, We offer our projects. Singer Alyona Zalevskaya, singer ARKADiAS, show group Bohemian paradise, singer Olesya Sharon, singer Istoma singer Alexey Kuranov, singer ASSBY,
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Moving in space, transfer.
It can be an airplane or a train, depending on the distance. Within a radius of 500 km, it is permissible to consider moving by train.
Train - necessarily 1 SV, or at least 1 but a separate full compartment.
The plane has 3 seats.
Moving around the place - a comfortable minibus-type minivan from a foreign manufacturer, or 1 passenger car with an empty and clean trunk.
Any comfortable hotel from 4 *
1 double De - suite room
The main 3 meals a day are considered on the spot.
Dressing room, restroom.
It is mandatory to have a mirror and comfortable conditions.
In the dressing room there should be fruits, a mini buffet, mineral water with or without gas, paper napkins, towels.
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Olesya Sharon - Oh MY MOM

Hello everyone, briefly about the singer "Sharon" This cheerful girl in her work managed to combine the grace of dance, conveying the oriental culture of sign language, comparing it with an extraordinary voice of the song repertoire, beautiful music, a refined figure, a pleasant appearance makes the stronger sex tremble and dissolve under the sensitive influence of her creativity.The singer does n...

Medley singer ARKADiAS

ARKADiAS is a real folk singer with a vivid musical history, who combines in his work four musical eras of fans, dance pop music of the 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s. He worked on stage with many prominent representatives of the Russian and foreign music show business, with some of them ARKADiAS created incendiary hits.In the mid-90s, the ARKADiAS singer began his career as a singer with collaboration...

Anna Vesta Nikita Dzhigurda "Just a friend"

Singer Anna Vesta shot a video for the song "Just a friend" with the participation of the Honored Artist of Russia of pop and cinema Nikita Dzhigurda
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