Cover band "JUICE"

Cover band "JUICE"
Rating: 55
1 6 -10%
Телефон и email
Telminov Anton Igorevich
To get a discount 10% say promo code
Cost of services
Average budget: от 28000
The cost of the performance depends on the duration of the program and the distance from Rostov-on-Don, where we are based!)
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Who are we and what do we do?

"Juice" is a musical interactive show!

We perform at all types of events: weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries, city events, etc.

Why us?

▪ Male and female vocals. 2 different timbres make the performance of any song full and recognizable, and also allow you to perform absolutely any composition.
▪ Wide repertoire. We play everything from Leningrad to Bon Jovi. And if you suddenly do not find your favorite song, we will learn it especially for you!
▪ Interactive program. We do not just play music, but we create a musical and interactive show, the participants of which will be all the guests of your holiday. If no one dances, we will refund your money.
▪ Individual approach. We discuss with you all the details of your event so that everything goes exactly as you dreamed!

We are a team of professionals who aim to give people bright and unforgettable moments and emotions!

Making the holiday special for you and your guests is our job, which we skillfully cope with and which we love so much

Call us and we will tell you in detail how our performance will take place at your event!
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Flexible repertoire selection system!
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Household and technical rider are included in the price, you only need speakers in the hall!
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