Sunset Orchestra

Sunset Orchestra
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SunSet Orchestra
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Average budget: 30000
10000/чел, количество музыкантов от 2 до 6. Есть вариант 5000/чел, в случае создания атмосферы на велком.
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We are Sunset Orchestra, handpan gilrs band. Our romance with these magical instruments started in 2015 and we’ve been playing them together ever since that time. Love of the music and handpan rich other-worldly sounds is what unites us.
Our melodies are born spontaneously and then they are given form and further refined in the process of collective rehearsals. Every member plays her own party, rhythm or melody, thus creating vivid lively compositions.
As a band we participate in numerous Russian music festivals and concerts. And we are open to creative connections!
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Lounge, ethno, trible, space - our style connects all these ones. We can change the music mood from relaxing one up to dancing.
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Condenser (instrumental) microphones for each musician (from 2 to 6). Cranes" microphone stands.
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Sunset Orchestra - Swan song
From profile: Sunset Orchestra, genre: поп
Sunset Orchestra - Eclipse
From profile: Sunset Orchestra, genre: поп
Sunset Orchestra - Rav drum
From profile: Sunset Orchestra, genre: другое
Sunset Orchestra - Yellow sea
From profile: Sunset Orchestra, genre: другое
Sunset Orchestra - Wnd dance
From profile: Sunset Orchestra, genre: другое
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