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Shoshin Dmitriy
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Average budget: От 8.000р до 35.000р.
Show block 15-20 minutes - 8.000 RUB - Doing per hour - 5.000 rub. Sound equipment + sound engineer - 3.000 rubles
* Photos, videos, audio recordings, personal information of the user are his intellectual property.


How can I help you?

If you are planning a celebration or you represent a cafe, restaurant, club - write or call - we will find common ground;)

VIRA STAR is a unique artist! VIRA STAR is not a parody. This is a character with a legend and a life of his own. Distinctive feature: the Kremlin clock on the head.

According to legend: Vira is the unrecognized daughter of Serdyuchka and Kirkorov, only they, unfortunately, do not know this. Perhaps that is why she looks like her mother and so loves to re-sing the songs of her father, not forgetting to create her own hits!

Show block from 15 minutes to the full event. Bright, fun, beautiful, always relevant and for any audience!
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If an ARTIST, then:

One of the most popular cover artists of the Northern Capital. Sparks of joy pour from her eyes, her voice infects with joy, and the Kremlin with the Chimes on its head, as a festive talisman, brings happiness into your life.

If the LEADER, then:

This is your day and it should be FABULOUS! And if so, then the presenter should be magical all over her head. Songs, dances, flash mobs and much more are waiting for you with VIRA STAR!
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It is discussed personally with the artist.
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Vira Star - Выйду замуж за военного!
From profile: VIRA STAR, genre: поп
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