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Wedding showman - Alexander Dymov

Wedding showman - Alexander Dymov
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Dymov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
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"Я из книги"
Cost of services
Average budget: 50000 руб
The cost of services includes: - unlimited number of meetings, if required to prepare for the wedding + online preparation. Always in touch 24/7. - an individual scenario, taking into account all the wishes in the competitive content; - transfer to the site; - work at welcome with guests (meeting, moderation); - wedding banquet lasting 7 hours. I arrive at the site 2 hours before the arrival of the guests. I work under a formal contract and prepayment of 50% at the time of signing the contract and 50% after the event. My regular DJ is a graduate of the DJ Grove school. He knows my leading style well and we have a lot of time-tested musical tricks. At the meeting and in preparation for the wedding, we will approve the playlist and stoplist TOTAL: HOST + DJ + sound engineer + equipment + a gift of your choice of 75,000 rubles.
* Photos, videos, audio recordings, personal information of the user are his intellectual property.


Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect. And every groom - so that the beloved is happy and contented.
In preparation for the holiday, a huge number of issues have to be resolved, and I am ready to take on some of them.

Hey! My name is Alexander Dymov. For 9 years now, couples in love have trusted me with their family's birthday.
During this time, I have held over 160 weddings. From lavish celebrations for 320 people to warm and hearty ones for only 11 guests.

To all couples in love 2 BONUS!
1- Photo slideshow (free).

2- Wedding coordinator, will draw up a checklist of the event and supervise everything on the wedding day at the banquet (free of charge)

Honestly, I do not know. Because I don't know you yet. I do not know your history, your family traditions and preferences.
Everything will be clear at the first meeting.
You won't hear the regular bittersweet from me. Silly vulgar contests that put participants and spectators in an awkward position. No "recognize the bride by the knee" and "and now we will burst balloons with our booty." A continuous string of health and happiness from guests. There will also be no show where the groom's friends dress up as ballerinas.

You yourself still have no idea what your special day should be like?
I will be happy to help you decide on the format of the wedding, give you advice and guidance.
My main quality: the ability to listen and hear your wishes. I will collect dreams and thoughts into a single whole and write yours, a unique scenario of the celebration.
I will help with the organization 24/7.
I carefully combine tradition and modern approach, fiery fun and romantic moments. The bridesmaids and Aunt Tamara from Saratov will be delighted with your wedding. I will make every guest feel like they are involved in a grandiose holiday!

And you remembered this happiest day with trepidation and tenderness. Even after many, many years. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

Call us! And we can meet for a cup of coffee, discuss the event and the preliminary wedding script.
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I have weddings and do it as well as possible!
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22.11.2019 17:57 Creative gift from the host for the bride and groom Slideshow (love story)


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