Light painting show by Sasha Grappo

Light painting show by Sasha Grappo
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Sani Grapova
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Cost of services
Average budget: 10000-
standard event program 7000 + transportation costs
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6 years in the Light Painting Show !!! Experience plus talent ...
Unique and original show –Light paintings! Light painting! Light painting! Light painting! This is one of the few shows where children and adults can see an amazing miracle - a performance and a fairy tale created before your eyes with the help of the light that came to life on a huge canvas and changed by the artist, drawing more and more new stories, instead of disappearing ..! Unique double-sided canvas. Now you can see the artist’s skill in full ....
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The plots will succeed each other, following the story that the author wants to tell us. Professional artists will be able to turn the rays of light into truly beautiful, fascinating stories.

You will see fairy-tale characters, famous places around the world, secrets of nature, romantic motifs, cosmic elements and much more. Light drawings will plunge all viewers into the atmosphere of mystery and magic.
A special offer for a wedding celebration is the creation of a light love story based on the history of your relationship. For the anniversary - the story of the birthday, and for the children's holiday - fabulous motives.
The duration of the "Light Painting" show is 10-15 minutes.
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1. Site inspection prior to the event.
2. The possibility of complete dimming of the room (including elements of decorative lighting).
IMPORTANT! During Light Painting shows, maximum dimming is required! It is forbidden to take photos and videos with flashes and backlighting - this can light up the screen and thereby disrupt the performance. Shooting without a flash and backlight is extremely welcome - take pictures to health!
3. Free space for placing the screen 2.60 x2.2 meters. Light canvas 1,5x2,48 m.
4. The presence of a sound reproducing device and speakers.
5. To exclude hit of foreign objects (confetti, splashes) on a working surface of the screen after its installation. Ensure direct visibility of the screen do not block it.
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