Harpist and musicians HARP PROJECT

Harpist and musicians HARP PROJECT
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Netsvetaeva Katrin
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Harpist, DJ and musicians Harp Project-an exquisite decoration of events

HARP PROJECT-exclusive music group
Chic, elegance, and professionalism distinguish this amazing team from many others.
Winners of international competitions, performances at the most luxurious venues and for the most high-ranking guests
Harp, violin, flute, cello, saxophone, trumpet, as well as DJ sets, this is all that is needed to make listeners forget about time, dissolve in music and beauty...
The Project harp is a truly exquisite decoration for events of any format, from private parties to the big stage in any city in the world
Cashless payment
to Agencies %
" We create an atmosphere,
Dissolving into reality..."
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classical, pop, jazz, lounge
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News and announcements

17.06.2017 16:53 АРФА PROJECT-эксклюзивный музыкальный проект... Шик, изящество и профессионализм отличают от многих этот потрясающий коллектив. Арфа, скрипка, флей...


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Type: массовое мероприятие
Арфистка Арфа Project - Хаус
From profile: Harpist and musicians HARP PROJECT, genre: электроника
Арфистка и саксофонист Арфа Project - Лаунж
From profile: Harpist and musicians HARP PROJECT, genre: другое
Арфистка и виолончелистка Арфа Project - Лебедь"Сен-Санс"
From profile: Harpist and musicians HARP PROJECT, genre: классика
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