Pianist Grigory Palamarchuk

Pianist Grigory Palamarchuk
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Palamarchuk Grigoriy Viktorovich
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Grigory Palamarchuk is the only pianist in Russia whose repertoire exceeds 500 works. He is one of the TOP 10 best pianists in Moscow. - Laureate of international competitions and festivals-was educated at the prestigious music University of the country in the class of famous teachers. In 2017 he was awarded a master's degree. He also graduated from the faculty of Philology. - Individual approach to each event-Extensive experience — more than 700 participants in events-Elegant appearance — Cashless payment

Interesting fact:

- The pianist spent 19 years in the" walls " of musical institutions and is still studying (in an assistant-internship)
— A phenomenal musical memory (the piano player can rarely see the notes on the piano)
- Original author's repertoire, accumulated over 12 years
- 82% performance on the piano-live composition (all performed works can not be downloaded notes, they just physically do not exist)
— At the age of 20 he became the head of the Philharmonic Jazz Band

Participation in events:

Meeting guests
Business breakfast
Fashion show
Business meeting
Solo concert
Musical accompaniment of events with jazz band
Child's birthday
Performance in private homes
Charity concert
Corporate party in the style of " Hi Culture Club»
Themed evening in the restaurant


— The largest repertoire among pianists (over 500 works)

- Performance of any musical style

- Cooperation with Event-agencies

- Over 200 events per year

- Musical education more than 19 years

- Elegant appearance
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Salon classics
Popular jazz
Modern hits
Soviet retro
Italian pop music
Passionate tango
Famous pop music
French chanson
Russian romances
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Room (dressing room)
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Григорий Паламарчук - Por Una Cabeza (C.Gardel)
From profile: Pianist Grigory Palamarchuk, genre: поп
Григорий Паламарчук - Song of Secret Garden
From profile: Pianist Grigory Palamarchuk, genre: поп
Григорий Паламарчук - My Way (Frank Sinatra)
From profile: Pianist Grigory Palamarchuk, genre: поп
Григорий Паламарчук - Dance of Flower (P.J. Chaykovski)
From profile: Pianist Grigory Palamarchuk, genre: классика
Григорий Паламарчук - I have nothing (W.Houston)
From profile: Pianist Grigory Palamarchuk, genre: поп
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