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Milen (Vyacheslav Kozlov) is a musician, a composer, an arranger and a singer. He writes songs both for his own performance and for Russian stars like Yury Shatunov, Viktor Korolev etc. Charisma, charm, fascination, beauty, heartfulness and gaiety are the features of the singer. He perfectly wields his velvet voice when singing lyrical songs touching upon the souls of the listeners and joyful dance hits. More than 600 songs were recorded during his career that have been rotating at a lot of radio stations. 5 videos were shot.He is the author and singer of such hits as "Thin ice", "It was raining", "Drunken love", etc. Milen could be the ornament to your event. He will perform only the best for you.
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1. The girl from Caucasus
2. I loved you
3. The ripe berry
4. Belgorod girl
5. I don't care
6. The cold wind
7. In chocolate
8. Read in the eyes
9. One time only
10. Let me go
11. Hard to love
12. Cheap love
13. The short night
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21.09.2020 15:14 So the concert that many people dreamed of took place, and again Belgorod was incredibly lucky. An unforgettable evening with the author and performer...
24.08.2020 19:45 August 5, 2020 in the city of Belgorod a concert with an extensive program ballet show was held. You can see photos, videos from the concert in MILEN...


Type: деловое мероприятие
Milen (Вячеслав Козлов) - музыкант, композитор, аранжировщик и певец. Milen будет украшением вашего мероприятия. Он исполнит для вас только самое луч...
Milen - Я помню
From profile: Milen, genre: поп
Milen - Прижми меня к себе
From profile: Milen, genre: поп
Milen - Что же ты наделала
From profile: Milen, genre: поп
Milen - Больно любить
From profile: Milen, genre: поп
Milen - Дешёвая любовь
From profile: Milen, genre: поп
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