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Fiori Del Mare
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Fiori Del Mare
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Average budget: 20000
Our main compositions in Moscow within the Moscow ring road: duet 15,000; trio 20,000; Quartet 25,000. We can invite performers to play other instruments with us, and we also travel to any city. The price depends on the specific features of the event and is available on request.
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The Fiori Del Mare ensemble was born in 2020 as part of the Rimsky-Korsakov Central concert model orchestra of the Russian Navy, hence our name.
All the members of our team are winners of all-Russian and international competitions, excellent solo musicians, who over the years of joint performance in the orchestra have become almost a single musical organism.
We can perform for you as a whole Quartet, as well as as a Duo or trio. In addition, we collaborate with many other musicians and music groups and are always ready to join our efforts especially for your event.
Our program includes a wide variety of works of almost all genres from all eras. We make all the arrangements ourselves. And at your request, we can create an arrangement of almost any work at your request, especially for your holiday.
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Program from Baroque to modern. We will create an arrangement for our composition of any work specially for your event on your order!
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Fiori Del Mare - C. Gardel. "Por Una Cabeza". Танго из фильма "Запах женщины"
From profile: Fiori Del Mare, genre: поп
Fiori Del Mare - Scott Joplin. The Entertainer.
From profile: Fiori Del Mare, genre: эстрада
Fiori Del Mare - Моцарт. Маленькая ночная серенада. Отрывок.
From profile: Fiori Del Mare, genre: классика
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